Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A&E Petrol Nigeria limited

A&E Petrol Nigeria limited is an indigenous wholly owned company that engages in the marketing and distribution of petroleum products in Nigeria. Founded in 2001 by Chief Ayirimi Emami in the Niger Delta region and was incorporated in Nigeria that same year.  It has its corporate Head Office in Ifiekporo community  off Ifie-Ode Itsekiri Road Ifie Town in Warri and branches in other parts of the country.

• Product Tanks
•Pump House
•Loading Bay (GANTRY)
•Quality Control House
•Safety (Equipment &  Facilities)
•Standby Power Unit
•Training Centre

There are seven  fixed roof product tanks within  various bund wall with  a total capacity of 90,000 Metric Tons.  These tanks are adequately protected with IPWA epoxy coating cathodic protection. Each of these tanks are dedicated  to  each product type, that is four product tanks for PMS, two for AGO and one for DPK.
Tank Description

Description Product Type Capacity
TANK 1 PMS 12,500,000
TANK 2 PMS 12,500,000
TANK 3 PMS 12,500,000
TANK 4 PMS 12,500,000
TANK 5 AGO 12,500,000
TANK 6 AGO 12,500,000
TANK 7 DPK 12,500,000

Pump House

This is the product receiving area. This area is meant to receive products from dedicated tanks (AGO, PMS, & DPK) through pumps to the loading bay (Gantry). There are Eleven Pumps with  pumps rate of 150 PSI. Activation of these pumps are automatic but has provision for manual control.
Loading Bay

The loading bay (Gantry) is made of  8 loading arms with digital loading meters with  loading of 15 minutes per truck. the loading arms are installed with adequate grounding devices and earthy safety lockouts which have to be proved before loading can commence. The loading area is large enough to allow easy truck movement and maneuvering. Safety warning signs are conspicuously displayed and safety equipment are in place, mobile foam tank, fire extinguishers, sprinkler system.
Quality Control House

A quality control house is situated within the administrative building and is equipped with the following laboratory equipment for testing petroleum products.
•DPK & AGO Flash testers
•Measuring Cylinders
•Dry ovens
•Test tubes
Proper pre and post analysis are carried out to determine and ascertain the quality of each products before receiving the cargo into the storage tanks and dispensing from the storage tanks to trucks.
Safety Equipment

To be able to contain any possible fire out break and any other industrial hazards the following are in place.
• 540 meter cube/hr Capacity Fire Pumps
•Fire Trucks
•Fire hydrant line with pillar stand
•Fixed  Foam Tank
•Foam Tank on Trolley
•Fire Extinguishers
•Top Foam pouring Equipment MK5
•Fresh Water Tank
•Fire Alarm system
•Lightening Arrestor
•Camera and monitors
Jetty and Shore Protection

The tank farm has a newly built Jetty that is capable of berthing three 5000 MT vessel at any  given time. It has all the facilities needed for such berthing operations. The tank farm also has a long span shore pilling protection to protect its assets from the river.

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