Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Emir Of Kano Wants Child Marriage Stopped, Says Men Have No Right To Assault Women

The Emir of Kano, Alhaji Muhammadu Sanusi II, yesterday voiced his opposition against child marriage saying it’s time to peg marriage age in the Nigeria.

Addressing a conference of Northern Muslims Religious Leaders Forum on Primary Health care in Kano, the former Central Bank Governor explained that the reproductive health challenges associated with such practice is enough to discourage the age long tradition.

Sanusi II Sanusi II said that Nigeria Muslims are ardent followers of Maliki school of thought like Morocco, Malaysia and Egypt, stressing that these brotherly countries had since pegged marriage age.

In Sanusi II words ” I believe the time is ripe to take a stand on this age long practice of early marriage, and coincidentally we subscribed to Malikiyya school of thought like Morocco, Malaysia and Egypt who had since pegged marriage age to 17, 19 and 18 respectively”.

The emir stated that the role of a woman as a housewife are numerous and highly demanding, as he further stressed the need to allow our women to attained maturity status before marriage.

Sanusi II who frowned at cultural practices that encourages polygamy noted that “most of those who engage in this practice do not have the necessary economic power to support himself”.

The emir who took his audience through historical lane explained “in the past, cities like Kano, Katsina, Aghadez, and Timbuktu hold economic power of the Sahel region, and this economic prospect had since shifted to coastal cities around the globe”.

Commenting on wife battery, the emir said that Islam abhors assault on women and he enjoined those involved in the act to desist from such practice. Sanusi II disclosed that “I don’t expect my in-law to lay his hand on my daughter, but I have since urged her to retaliate any form of assault from her husband”.


Caroline Danjuma Takes A Swipe At Beauty Pageant Organisers

The actress and business woman took to her IG last night to take a swipe at beauty pageant organisers, while laughing at them saying;

‘Going for miss heaven and earth oops sorry miss table and chairs beauty contest... So many of them had to create mine’

Lol, we absolutely agree with her.

FFK’s FiancĂ©e Celebrates Birthday Without Him, Says ‘I Am Staying Strong’

Today is Precious Chikwendu’s birthday and she has decided not to be down, despite her fiancĂ© and the father of her son, Chief Fani Kayode would be spending another 21 days in EFCC’s custody. Precious says she can’t be broken nor shaken and decided to give thanks to God on this special day instead. Her words after the cut.

Friday, May 6, 2016

FIFA Rankings: Nigeria remain 67th in world and 14th in Africa while Argentina stay top

FIFA has released their latest rankings for the month of May, and the Super Eagles of Nigeria remain unmoved at position 67 making Nigeria the 14th best team in Africa behind the likes of Algeria, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Senegal, Egypt, Cape Verde, Tunisia, Congo DR, Guinea, Congo, Cameroon, Morocco and Mali.

With no international matches in April, all teams in the top 50 held their positions with Argentina, Belgium and Chile in 1st, 2nd and 3rd position respectively.

Armed herdsmen attack man fetching firewood in a bush in Enugu (photos)

Some armed herdsmen attacked the man pictured above while he was fetching firewood in a bush in Enugu state recently. Narrating what happened, the man said he had finished cutting woods in the bush and was putting it inside his car when armed herdsmen attacked him. He fled the bush with deep cuts on his head and hands and ran into a place where he met some people. The injured man then pleaded for assistance to be taken to a hospital, asking them to take another route for fear of being seen again by the herdsmen and attacked. See more photos after the cut...

Female Police Officer Sacked for Showing Off Her Bre*st Now Works As A Stripper

This is the kind of lifestyle she wanted to live all along, she just became a police officer to cover her acts, but it was only a matter of time before her secret fantasies come out in the open for all to see.

Nidia Garcia, a Mexican policewoman sacked for posing for a top-less 'selfie' while in her uniform and got sacked for it, is now having issues with her husband. She said her marriage is in crisis over her new found fame.
Nidia said her husband isn't speaking to her, and her family were left speechless by the pictures - as she is now working as a stripper since leaving the police force.
Nidia told MailOnline: 'The photo wasn't taken for my husband. And he was so disgusted that I had been capable of letting another man take such photos that he left the house. I told him that if he wanted to leave, then he should go... I am beginning to perform as a stripper."

She now performs in strip clubs in Mexico to make money.

Photo: Twins got married to twins and gave birth to two pairs of twins in China

A set of male twins got married to twins in China and they gave birth to a pair of twins - two boys and two girls. Photo credit: People's Daily, China

$115m Diezani election largess: Put a bullet in my head if I am guilty' -Senator Chris Anyanwu

A former senator, Chris Anyanwu has denied any involvement in the disbursement of the $115 million largess PDP members allegedly got from former Minister of Petroleum resources, Diezani Alison-Madueke ahead of the 2015 general election.

Anyanwu who was yesterday invited and questioned by the EFCC, told Vanguard that she had nothing to do with the N700 million the South East zone of the party reportedly got and that anyone who had any evidence that she collected any money from the party should release it

She went further to say that if they can prove she touched or shared from the election largess, a bullet should be put in her head
 “I had just joined the PDP and those who rejoined were not seen as the mainstream PDP and they had this thing about me being a journalist and whenever I came, they just shrunk. They just pulled away. I was not part of them and I was not assigned to share money and I was not there when they took their money and I did not go where they took their money and I did not get any money and that is the truth. It is nonsense to be associating me with this. I won’t shut up and allow people damage my reputation. Nobody is going to tell me that I ate what I didn’t see or saw what I didn’t see or touched what I didn’t touch. I won’t accept that nonsense. I believe that Udenwa and their major players who were in charge of those things had their answers. If anybody claims that he saw me where they were distributing their money and saw me touch their money, let him look me in the eye and say so. If they are able to prove that I was part of the whole thing or touched their money, that I was part of sharing the money or spending their money, put a bullet on my head. It is ridiculous.”she said

Colombian Family Name Child "Leicester David" In Honour Of New Premier Premier League Champions

Leicester City have earned millions of fans across the world over the last year and a half through their remarkable rise from the bottom of the Premier League to winning an unlikely title.

The remarkable exploits of Claudio Ranieri's men have proved an inspiration across the globe, with the club becoming big in Thailand, Italy, USA and beyond.

And one family in Colombia has opted to pay homage to the English side's achievement in a peculiar way. In a nod to the Foxes, a child in the South American country has already been registered under the name Leicester David.

Naming children after incredible athletes and celebrities is not exactly rare in parts of South America  - Radamel Falcao is named after the legendary Brazil midfielder Falcao, while Roma defender Maicon was supposed to be named after Michael Douglas, but his father was misheard when registering him, leaving him with the name Maicon Douglas.

This latest example is perhaps a bit less familiar, but having been named after a team that has just achieved the seemingly impossible, little Leicester David has a lot to live up to in his life!
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