Friday, February 19, 2016

New Jersey: Gay Couple Discovers They Are In Fact Long Lost Twins

A New Jersey couple had the surprise of their life after a DNA test proved the lovers were in fact twin brothers. Both men were induced into going for DNA tests after friends and family members urged them to check out if they had any family ties due to their remarkable resemblance.
“We did the tests partly as a joke and to shut up some of our friends who were constantly teasing us about being cousins,” remarks Jason. “Never did I expect to learn we were in fact long lost twins” he admits, visibly disheartened by the news. “The man that I expected to spend my life with, my soul mate, is in fact my twin brother. I don’t know if I have to cry or to jump with joy,” he admits in tears.
Jason Osbourne and Alex Brown, who met two years ago during a modeling gig in New York, have since been inseparable.
Facing reality
If Jason Osbourne believes the DNA testing has brought them a relatively good news, his twin brother Alex does not take it as lightly.
“Alex refuses to talk to me anymore, he even threatened to turn heterosexual over the whole affair, saying that he now wants a normal life like everyone else,” he acknowledged with sadness. “I told him we should cherish this news and celebrate the fact we have found each other again, but he doesn’t see it that way,” he told local reporters.
Separated at birth
Both men were separated at birth and adopted in different families although they both were unaware of this fact until the DNA testing.
“It’s only when I confronted my parents that they finally admitted to the truth,” admits Jason Osbourne. “First I learn that my gay lover is my twin brother, now I learn I was adopted and that my parents have lied to me all my life. What a heck of way to celebrate my 25th birthday” he adds, visibly furious. “Sometimes I wish we had never gone for that DNA test,” he added.
Sexual relations between siblings are prohibited in the United States but the two brothers would not be prosecuted because of the particularities of this specific case, believe legal experts.

Olugbo-in-Council debunks Oba Akinruntan's EFCC arrest...

There were reports online yesterday that the traditional ruler had been arrested for money laundering but his chiefs say this is not true. Read the press statement below...
The Olugbo-in-Council which is the Highest Traditional Body of Ugboland in Ilaje Local Government Area of Ondo State have debunked rumours of the arrest of the Olugbo of Ugboland, His Imperial Majesty, Oba (Dr.) Frederick E. Obateru Akinruntan, CON.
Speaking through the Secretary of the Kingdom, Chief I. A. Demehim, the Olugbo-in-Council, asserts that the reported arrest of the Highly Revered Monarch, who is the Paramount Ruler and Prescribed Authority of Ugboland as well as Founder of the Multi-Billion Dollar Obat Group is completely false. According to High Chief Isaiah Demehin, “the news report by Sahara Reporters which is also being peddled by several soft sell bloggers that Kabiyesi was arrested by EFCC for Money Laundering is not only laughable and false but also a sacrilege to the traditional stool of our land.

The Olugbo is domiciled in Ugbo, and Kabiyesi was dutifully attending to traditional matters as well as the needs of his subjects on Friday” Furthermore, Chief Isaiah Demehin stated that it is pitiful that such a blog as widespread as Sahara Reporters would tell a lie against a Monarch while throwing away all ethics which places the onus on them to confirm from the Palace of the Olugbo which is always filled with throngs of people and activities which the Olugbo presides upon by himself or cross check their write up with the EFCC as a mark of professionalism.

In conclusion, he stated, “I wish to advise our journalists to always cross-check their facts and stop embarrassing innocent persons. It is especially sad that any journalist would embark on a path to destroy the great image of Nigeria’s Doyen of Industry who has contributed immensely to the socio economic and human capital development of Nigeria. Our Monarch is a great father and would not join issues with any media house, however, I think it is dutiful of any journalist that is sound to learn how to accord honour to revered traditional stools, and avoid being used by disgruntled persons to tarnish the images of global icons as the Billionaire Monarch whose business conglomerates have transformed Ugboland and Nigeria as a whole.

Never seen before photo of Sani Abacha as a doting grandfather

His daughter, Gumsu Abacha, shared the photo on her Instagram page and wrote "Biggest #tbtnever seen before pic. See the resemblance. . My papa na fine man wallahi. With Abdullahi Sani Abacha"

Monday, February 15, 2016

Stella Damasus and Her Friend's Husband Daniel Ademinokan Declare Love for Each Other

Looks like there's no room for actress Doris Simeon to go back to her husband as Daniel Ademinokan is all about his new babe, Stella Damasus. The lovers exchanged some lovely messages. Read below...

Daniel's message to Stella:
Through fire & rain,
Laughter & pain,
Fights and fun,
Snow and sun
When all I could do was pray
You've been the Constant K.
Thank you for letting me be me,
To see, feel, be free,
re-live, believe, achieve and receive
Yes, be free to receive the abundance of love you've shown & given me!
Everyday for us is Valentine's Day
But today I've chosen to stand up & say... I LOVE YOU @stelladamasus -words from my heart.

Stella's message to Daniel:
I have always prayed to find and have a love that is so strong yet so strange.
A love so true yet so misunderstood.
A love so free yet so questioned. 
A love so blessed, yet so shocking.
Through it all I know my love 
You know your love
We know our love
Most importantly God knows our love.
It's truly my pleasure to share your company.
Thank you for accepting me the way I am
Flawed and imperfect
Thank you for the amazing journey you have travelled with me
Thank you for the wonderful life you have given me
Thank you for the friendship
Thank you for the partnership
Thank you for the bond
And thank you for holding my hand in my walk with Christ. 
God bless and keep you now and always
I LOVE YOU @dabishop007 #valentine #happyvalentinesday

Christian Association of Nigeria says Goodluck Jonathan should be Prosecuted

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Lagos State chapter, has called for the prosecution of former President Goodluck Jonathan over corruption-related activities.

The Chairman of CAN, Lagos chapter, Apostle Alexander Bamgbola, spoke on Saturday on the sideline of an interdenominational service.

Speaking with journalists, Bamgbola applauded the ongoing war against corruption in the country, adding that nobody should be spared.

When asked about the stance of the group on the call for the prosecution of Jonathan, he said:

“What is wrong with it? A former President of Peru (Alberto Fujimori) was jailed. Also, a popular prime minister of Israel (Ehud Olmert) was jailed. If a nation puts you in a position of trust and you betray that trust, you should go to jail no matter who you are. I have no sympathy for anybody. Just make sure you get it right, and we get the facts right as well.”

He lamented the corruption in the country, urging the President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration to go after the looters and “put them where they belong, so that we may have peace in this nation.”

Billionaire Mark Zuckerberg gives Kanye West $1b as Greatest Musician in the World?

Michael Jackson was a black man but bleached his skin to become white. Kanye West are maintained his skin colour and he's respected among top artistes, but can he be said to be the greatest artist?

Funny enough, some are already saying Mark Zuckerberg never gave him any money. Could be a stunt.

See what a teacher did to a little boy...left so many cane marks on his body

According to Segun Oyenubi, who shared the photos on Facebook, this 3yr old boy was mercilessly flogged by his teacher in school on Wednesday last week for not telling her he wanted to go to the toilet, and instead urinating and stooling on his body. ‎The boy's family stormed the school. The teacher has since been arrested. See more photos after the cut..

Ex-Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert begins jail sentence

Former Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, has begun serving his prison sentence. He's made history as the first former head of government in Israel to go to prison. The 70-year-old was convicted in March 2014 of accepting bribes to promote a real-estate project in Jerusalem when he was mayor of Jerusalem and trade minister, years before he became prime minister in 2006.

He will enter Ma’asiyahu prison near Tel Aviv on Monday to start serving a 19-month sentence for bribery and obstruction of justice.

Hours before entering the prison, Olmert released a video message saying he doesn't agree with the bribery charges he is convicted of.
"When I was prime minister, I was given the highest responsibility of safeguarding the security of the citizens of Israel and today it is I who is about to be locked up behind bars," Olmert said in a video message, calling the experience "painful and strange". He admitted to having "made mistakes," but said these were "not criminal," and denied having taken bribes. "Life is offering me today no simple test. I go toward it with great sadness," he said.

Friday, February 12, 2016

WOW! Elegushi Family In Lagos To Build $300m Imperial Int'l Business City

Money talks! The Elegushi Royal Family has revealed plans for the establishment of a $300m new Imperial International Business City (IIBC). The new 200 hectare city will be built on reclaimed Lagoon extension of the kingdom and will also be the first eco-friendly smart business city in Africa.

Oba Saheed Ademola Elegushi, the Elegushi of Ikate Kingdom laid out his vision about the city in his palace while receiving some American investors interested in the project.

The Oba said the idea of a smart business city will help address the housing deficit in Lagos state and also change the landscape of real estate in Africa. The project will be a Joint-Venture between the Royal Family and Channeldrill Resources Limited and will commence in April 2016 with land reclamation.

See How This Guy, Nnamdi, Caused Wahala For His Mother

Social media is not social in Nigeria, it's more like a place where people attack each other and always on the look out for an opportunity to rubbish you. So, be careful when sharing your personal stuffs.
From the picture above, Nnamdi's mother look young but it is very easy to differentiate her from her daughters. Funny enough, Nnamdi thought it was difficult to spot his mum and made a bet. And guess what? One of his followers online "insulted" his mum. See the guy's reply...

The guy replied: "your mum is the bleaching one". Just imagine that...Sigh!

Davido Shows Off His New Expensive Rolex Watch

This young man has made good money. Davido's new Rolex Watch is worth N24m ($80,000) and he has two; that means his watches can buy some big cars. Lol! See a close-up pic of the watch...

10 tips on how to get your girl back dis Valentine's Day

This article was written, illustrated and acted by Adejoro Olumofin, the Flamboyant Psychologist and its features: @R4ruchynae Chukwueke Ruth Ex Beauty Queen, Actress and Model. Most Beautiful girl in Nigeria Amity 2010 , World Miss University Nigeria (2nd runner up).  Read after the cut...

Relationships are full of ups and downs, heartaches, emotional scars, phobia for love, disappointments as a result of either the man or the woman messing up or breaking rules/regimes earlier set in the relationship I.e the terms which kept the couple in check.

We all have different coping mechanisms for dealing with heartbreak or emotional / physical death in our relationship. According to couples therapy you must be wiling to fight for what and who you love without a concern of the world and its audience. Breakups can be caused by 2 major factors
(1) Emotional Disconnect
(2) Physical Disconnect.

-Emotional Disconnect:  this is when all the pet names, little jokes, special hand shakes and other gestures of the "heart" are no longer present. Emotional disconnect is very difficult to rekindle because you can't see emotions or sensations but only feel them. Very little of us have control over what we feel.

-Physical Disconnect is the absolute or total loss of physical attraction in a relationship. Most times because someone in the relationship isn't looking like how they used to or taking good care of themselves anymore. A man may seek counsel from his woman, give her all the money, chanel, birkin bags but not still want to have sex or any physical contact with her.

Studies, Journals and Direct Observation have shown that it takes a big fight , breakup, disagreement or long distance for either party to realize what they lost or how much they really loved their partner.

As a man, I have been there ; hurting someone I cared about, enjoying attention from other ladies, forgetting to appreciate or compliment all the little things that I knew would make a difference.  All these things would easily drive away the person we love into the arms of another man. It takes nothing to acknowledge your lady's hair, or that she added extra pepper or salt in the stew or she wears less makeup of recent.

Fellas, Here are 10 tips on how to get your Lady back after an ( Emotional or Physical Disconnect) /a breakup

1) Get Spiritual ( Fasting & Prayers)
2)Admission of Guilt and deflation of Ego
4)Go out of your comfort zone
5)Treat her
6)Eliminate Distractions
7)Express your love through the Arts : Dancing, Singing, Painting, Rapping etc
8)show or renew your commitment
9) Be persistent
10) have a plan or a vow to maintain everything you've worked for.

1)Get Spiritual : Fasting & Prayer is very key in getting your lady back. If you're truly serious about a lady and you feel she's slipping away ; the first thing to do is to pray and fast about your situation. As corny, less of a guy or feminine, as it may sound its a fact and it's the right thing to do. In most guys prayer points is : money, money and a lot of money. Only few men get on their knees to say " Father Lord please touch Tinu, Kemi, Ada's heart so she loves me more or Please Lord beg her to forgive me I promise to treat her right this time". Any relationship that has its foundations set on Prayers will last forever. Here are some Bible passages to read or share with your lady that will help or let her know how serious you are about getting her back or being sorry.
-Ecclesiastes 4 : 9 -  two are better than one because they have a good reward for their toil
-Ephesians 4:32 ,Colossians 3:12-14, 1peter 3:7 , Genesis 2:18 Philippians 2:2,

2)Admitting to guilt and Deflation of Ego :
Sigmund Freud propounded these concepts( Id , Ego & Super Ego) which in his theory were the foundations of people / persona. The male Ego has its benefits and it's what makes a man strong, aggressive and more of a go getter in life but at the same time is responsible for a mans downfall and loss of important things to him such as love. The Ego clouds a mans judgement and makes him liken himself to a "god" or too close to perfection. Any man who takes a Big Ego into his relationship is not looking for a partner but a subordinate. Admitting to guilt goes a long way with your lady, as African men our culture allows us to dominate or play the role of Alpha in our relationships, if your lady kneels down to serve you food or can't sit at the dinner table with you how would you value her thoughts or admit to guilt. Let's be lovers and partners not lovers and bosses.

(3)Apologize :
The Process by which we try to control the Impressions, Perceptions and views people have of us is called Impression Management (IM).
Apology is at the forefront of impression management. Most times it's very economical and stress-free just to say " I'm sorry"
But as men we try so hard to always be right and keep our ego in check so we don't say " sorry" instead we look for ways to say sorry without saying sorry. I offended you "oya" take this new phone or new bag, I cheated on you "oya" let's go to Paris for summer, or the most famous one " are you hungry?" You cheated and you're asking your girl if she's hungry? We men. Lol
This only compounds the current issues for another day whilst negative perceptions and archetypes are being formed in your lady's mind.

Eliminate Distractions : suspend your instagram, facebook and Twitter account, Sunday drinks, clubbing etc till you get her back. How do you truly want to apologize to your lady when you're distracted with other women or social activities. The more you go out without her or socialize without her the more justification you'll get from other people about what you did not being wrong. When distractions are present you'll see your breakup as a vacation or time off from your relationship. You'd even wish the fight lasted longer so you could mingle or conquest more.
Some men are happy when they're fighting with their girl because they can claim to have cheated during the fight. Eg "we weren't together when it happened"

(6) Be Persistent:
Positive and Negative reinforcements In psychology are the foundations of learning. They serve as rewards, punishments and reminders of what to do and what not to do.
Some Nigerian guys will be like: " shebi I've begged you ? What's your own sef? You want me to spend all my time begging, abeg go"
Women enjoy being chased, doted over, pampered, wooed after a mistake has been made and an apology has been offered don't say I took you to dinner once let's be cool again. Persistence and patience are key. This is her chance to show you I'm the Boss and I won't be taking you back so easy.

(7) show or renew your commitment :
Why do a lot ladies leave a relationship after their feelings have been hurt? Or things aren't moving in their way? Studies have shown that these are a few of those reasons
I) trust is lost
II) there's no moving forward from here
III) he won't change
Iv) I'm wasting my mind and body
V) he'll never leave that SideChick

Showing a new commitment gets old after 3 or 4 mistakes, will you go and buy a chain? Promise ring? Pendant? every time you cheat?? New commitments, vows, promises come once in a while and should be from the heart.
Some Men have an attachment syndrome with ladies they are involved with, they sometimes keep a lady around or beg a lady not to leave, buy her promise rings or engagements rings when they know they don't have plans for her. They don't have plans for her but don't want to see her with anyone else.
Showing commitment can be seen as renewing your rent or dstv!. proposing or asking your girl out again shows I want you and I want us to start fresh. It's like you're changing the oil in your car

(8) Treat her :
-Would you believe the Hypothesis that Nigerian men are more romantic than South African men?
-Nigerian men spoil their women more than westerners?
-Do Nigerian men write poems or sing to their ladies?
-Will a Nigerian man willingly wear matching colors on Valentine's Day with his girl?
-will a Nigerian give his lady his password for peace and love?
These studies haven't been carried out but we can make assertions or predictions of the possible outcomes of this research.
Some men see treating their lady as a burden, Valentine's Day as nightmare, roses as a waste.
A personal story : " a friend of mine once bought her boyfriend of 2 years 2 dozen roses and he got so upset saying can we plant or eat this? What am I going to use this for? You should have bought me recharge cards instead or paid for the wifi"
A man with this mentality won't know how to treat his lady when she's upset. Most African men show love or care through strength or aggression.

(9) Go out of your comfort zone to apologize:
Every woman knows what her man Hates and favors,  likes and dislikes, does and don'ts. Going out of your comfort zone to show your remorse goes a long way and shows how selfless you are.
You live in Lekki and your girl lives in iju/ ogba/ Maryland and you're fighting but instead of going to her house to say sorry you're thinking 3rd mainland bridge traffic? Petrol? Premiership match you may miss ;then you're not sorry. Saying sorry via four naira text message doesn't count.
Do something that will dazzle her in your quest to get her back.

Have a plan, vow or a schema to maintain everything you worked for :
Tips 1-9 are all said and good but to some people,this is unrealistic for the men in their clime I.e Nigerian men
All the sorries, gifts, flowers, chocolates, private trips won't do anything if there's no plan or commitment not to repeat the previous mistakes.
Ladies I think I'm sorry shouldn't be enough anymore only if it's an " I'm sorry" with a plan to try to stay away From previous mistakes.

Read more articles on @joroolumofin page on Instagram.
Email :

Son Kills Father Over Quarrel With Mother (Pictured)

A 25-year old man, Mfreke Effiong, from Ikot Akpainyang Asutan village, in the Ibesikpo/Asutan Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State, has allegedly killed his father, Mr. Archibong Effiong.
It was learnt that Archibong and his wife had a disagreement during which Mfreke picked up a plank and hit his father on the head.
The Police Public Relations Officer, Cordelia Nwawe, said on Thursday that the murder suspect had confessed to the crime.

“The young man murdered his father by using a plank to hit him on his head; the young man will be charged to court after investigation,” she said.
Mfreke confessed that when he came back from the farm; he met his parents quarrelling and got to know that his father was the cause.
He stated that when his father knew that he (Mfreke) was around, he came out from the room and threw a bottle at him and used the plank to hit him.
He said, “My mother and father have been having issues. My father has not been feeding me; I cut palm fruit to feed myself.
“On Monday, at about 6pm, I returned from where I went to and met my father and mother quarrelling.

“I asked my mother what the problem was and she told me. My father came out and saw me; he threw a bottle at me and hit me with a plank. I was annoyed and I took the same plank and hit him back; he slumped and the next thing I heard was that he was dead.”

Suspected Thief Drowns Inside Well

A suspected thief has drowned in the Alagbado area of Lagos State. Punch Metro learnt that the 35-year-old fell into a well on Modupe Ajayi Close around 1am on Thursday. He was reported to have scaled the fence into the compound before unknowingly falling into the well.
His cries were said to have woken up residents, who alerted the police and officials of the Lagos State Fire Service.
An official of the fire service said, “Somebody ran into our Agege station around 1am and said a man had fallen into their well. He was recovered dead about one hour later.”

The Director of the Lagos State Fire Service, Rasak Fadipe, said effort was on to ascertain the identity of the victim.

The Police Public Relations Officer, Lagos State Command, SP Dolapo Badmos, said the deceased scaled the fence into the compound, adding that he was a suspected thief.

See a mother breastfeed her child while doing an intricate yoga pose

Sue Ellen shared a photo on Instagram of her breastfeeding her 8 months old child while doing a headstand. "And this is how you #multitask when you need to do your headstand and your baby wants to #breastfeed at that right exact time" she captioned the photo. Huh??

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

It’s Time For A Makeover, Briton Writes Kate Middleton An Open Letter

You will absolutely love the article. Commenting on the appearance of others is always invidious — especially when you’re no oil-painting yourself.
Then again, I didn’t spend years hotly pursuing the heir to the British throne, so no one cares how mad I look.
Kate Middleton, on the other hand, did — and so her appearance is a legitimate concern for Her Royal Highness’s loyal subjects.
I speak, of course, of Eyebrowgate, which erupted after Kate’s first official engagement of 2016, her appointment as Honorary Air Commandant of the Air Cadets.
The fact that she became the first woman to hold this role was entirely overshadowed by her right eyebrow being a good deal thicker and darker than its sister.
To be fair, it’s an easy mistake to make, especially when you’re in a hurry. But judging by the perfection of the rest of her (blow-dry, fresh manicure), the Duchess had not been in a rush to get ready.
So what went wrong? Simple: she’s has two very young children. And although her pregnancies appear to have had no effect whatsoever on her trim figure, motherhood clearly shows in her face.
This is by no means a criticism. On the contrary, it’s a badge of honour.
It proves that, unlike so many famous women who make a great show of looking after their own offspring but in reality just farm them out to a secret army of nannies, she’s a hands-on mother.
Those are eyes that know what 3.40am looks like; that is a complexion that hasn’t had a decent night’s rest in months. She’s clearly not spending hours having facials or massage treatments. She’s doing what most young mothers do, i.e. being run ragged by tiny tyrants.
No, the issue here is that Kate isn’t doing too little, it’s that she’s trying too hard. And she really doesn’t need to.
For years, she has maintained a rigorous falling-out-of-Boujis-at-three-am look: too much black eyeliner, little or no lipstick, matte foundation, peach blusher. Even hours after giving birth, there she was, made up as if about to go nightclubbing.
But why? She’s bagged her Prince and they’re a family now. Time to move on.
In fact, she needs to do what her mother-in-law, Princess Diana, did all those years ago when she stopped being a malleable little Sloane and started being a grown-up in her own right: update her style completely. For Diana it began when she ditched the blue eyeliner and clumpy mascara.
Then she lost the Shy Di fringe in favour of a much edgier cut. Finally, she stopped buying her clothes from Peter Jones and started frequenting the designer rails at Harvey Nichols.
Kate can very easily do the same. A tired, puffy eye always looks a lot worse with too much make-up, especially in shades of muddy purple. Just keep it chic and simple with eyebrightening shades of pale pink and a soft, flattering line.
As for the brows, if ever there were a time to spend money on professional services, this is it. Maybe some semi-permanent colour, too, just to avoid a repeat disaster.
Next, the hair. There is no doubt it is beautiful. But it’s also too long, shapeless and wholly lacking in style.
As for her wardrobe, the prim doors-to-manual air hostess has got to go. Because when even the Queen herself, who is about to turn 90, is pictured wearing more sequins, you know something’s not right.
But the main reason for ditching this look is that, at Kate’s age, it’s a lot of effort for very little reward. She’s a busy mother, wife and princess. There are better uses for her time than faffing around with eyebrow pencils.
So come on, Kate, it’s time for a makeover. Your people demand it.

Photo: Gay man arrested for sending romantic messages to a male journalist

A gay man was arrested by the police on Monday, February 8, for persistently sending explicit love messages to a Kenyan journalist with the Royal Media Services, Victor Kinuthia, telling him that he is in love with his voice. Can't a man express his love again? Lol
24-year-old Geoffrey Mburu had reportedly been sending romantic messages to the journalist, suggesting that he wants to have sex with him. Following persistent explicit messaging from Mr. Mburu, despite being warned to stop, Kinuthia reported the matter to the police.
In the messages, the suspect admitted to being gay and said he is in love with the journalist’s voice and wanted sex with him. Kinuthia set up a meeting with the suspect at his Gatanga home and was accompanied by officers and journalists.
"When I got to Githioro, the suspect came smiling and entered the car I was driving, saying he was to see me," he said.
It was then that police, who were following closely behind on motorbikes, arrested him. Kinuthia said he was shocked by the proof that homosexuality is rife in the county.
"We have always heard of cases where men are sodomised but fail to report out of fear or stigma but this is evidence that it is happening," he said.
Murang’a county commander Naomi Ichami said Mburu admitted to sending the messages. He will be charged with misusing a communications device.
Source: The Star

Monday, February 8, 2016

Shehu Of Bornu To Be Installed New Chancellor Of Unilag

Shehu of Borno, His Eminence Abubakar Ibn Umar Garbai El-Kanemi CFR, will on Thursday, March 3rd, 2016 be installed as Chancellor of the University of Lagos, a statement issued by the university over the weekend said.

It will be recalled that the position of the Chancellor of the University of Lagos has been vacant since the death of the last Chancellor, the Attah of Igala, Aliyu Obaje in 2012.

Former Lagos state Military Governor, Mobolaji Johnson, loses wife

The wife of Former Lagos state governor, Mobolaji Johnson (pictured above), Funmi, has died. Family sources say the former first Lady of Lagos state died after a brief illness at a Lagos private hospital on Saturday February 6th. She is survived by her husband and children. May her soul rest in peace... Amen

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

A Private School In Calabar Flogs Parents For Bringing Their Children To School Late?

Abeg abeg, I had to go on the guy’s page to be sure he is not a comedian and alas he isn’t one. A lot of people where surprised such a thing could happen, especially in a PRIVATE SCHOOL where your own money is being used to run the school. Some even argued with him that it can never be possible and he replied most of them saying it happened yesterday morning when he dropped off a female neighbour and her child at school when her car won’t start.
A very furious woman who commented on the post said, she wouldn’t blame the school but the parents who allow teachers flog them because of a mistake on their part saying that is why Nigeria has not grown because we never know our rights.
Despite Reginald swearing it happened and said it was just a touch of cane on their palms and not like proper flogging, I still find it difficult to believe. What about you?

Corruption allegation against me is without proof - Amaechi. Says he doesn't like money

Minister of Transport and former governor of Rivers State, Rotimi Amaechi, says all the allegations of corruption leveled against him by his successor, Nyesom Wike and the past government, are without proof. According to him, he suffered a lot in the hands of EFCC as the governor of Rivers State. Amaechi said this while delivering a lecture titled “Legislature and Executive Partnership for Effective Performance,” at a retreat for the executive arms of Plateau State government held at the National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies (NIPSS) Kuru, yesterday February 2nd.

 “I suffered a lot about corruption without any proof against me by anti-graft agency. I was harassed, though I fought my way through, they accused me of corruption. I suffered a lot, I suffered a lot about corruption. I don’t like money. I believe once you can feed, you don’t need money again. All those who accumulate are doing so to their detriment” he said.

Photos: Actor Olumide Bakare diagnosed with Heart & Lung disease

Nollywood actor, Olumide Bakare has been diagnosed with Hear and Lung disease and is currently lying critically ill at the University Teaching Hospital Ibadan. Radio personality Jide Moronfolu who visited him shared the photos on Facebook and wrote;
"Olumide Bakare on his sick bed at UCH, Ibadan diagnosed of heart/Lungs disease, in his words to me " Jide Omo Moronfolu, agbara mi o ka mo o, ba mi be a won Omo Nigeria mi won ran mi lowo pelu owo ati adura"
If you want to help, then this is his bank details - 3872003592. Olumide Bakare, Ecobank. See more photos of him in hospital after the cut...

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Weapons bought by Jonathan were refurbished, expired weapons - Lai Mohammed

Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed, says the weapons purchased by former President Goodluck Jonathan to fight Boko Haram, were substandard. Lai Mohammed said this in a statement he released yesterday February 1st. He was reacting to a statement made by former Jonathan in Geneva, Switzerland last week that the success so far recorded by this administration in the fight against Boko Haram was as a result of the arms and ammunition his administration bought before leaving office.

The statement by Lai Mohammed reads in part
“The weapons, ammunition and equipment, which the former President said he bought, were refurbished and lacked the basic components and spare parts. Additionally, the ammunition bought for both high calibre and small weapons have mostly expired, incompatible with weapons and grossly inadequate. It is pertinent to state that the ammunition he was referring to were back-loaded because they explode within the barrel when fired, thus leading to deaths and injuries among soldiers. The situation was so pathetic that soldiers were often transported in civilian JTF vehicles, civilian vehicles, trailers and water tankers when going to the theatres of operation. The revelations on the sorry state of things in the past, which have emanated from the investigative panel so far, point clearly to the kind of legacy bequeathed to this administration by the past government. That explains why troops remained largely static and were unable to effectively deploy to completely rout the Boko Haram terrorists in all their known enclaves. The high level of casualties sustained by our gallant soldiers was most unprecedented and cannot be compared to any known military operations in recent times, all because of the terrible state of affairs suffered by the military under the Jonathan administration. It is also clear, as has been shown so far by the outcome of the panel probing past arms deals, that the purchase of substandard weapons apparently resulted from the massive corruption that enveloped the deals, the kind of horrifying graft that saw the purchase of refurbished choppers that lacked rotors, or fighter jets that could not be deployed in the theatre of war because they were not up to par. The needless loss of lives of many of our gallant troops, resulting from the lack of standard weaponry and low morale in the past, is not a matter to be trivialised under any circumstance.”.

Marriage Crashed! Big Girl Dabota Lawson Packs Out Of Her Husband's Mansion

I usually laugh whenever I see girls who think that marriage is all about cash; they must marry a rich man by force or even if they marry a regular guy they will be sleeping with a rich man by the side. Those are clear manifestations of poor parental upbringing... men and women, money is not marriage.

Money is very good but the thing that would keep you to enjoy that money for the rest of your life is the heart with which you got married. If you marry with wrong motives, even after 10 years, it will crash.
Despite her older husband's Billions and mansion in Banana Island, Dabota Lawson is said to have ran away from her matrimonial home. All the things that are making some girls sleep around; such as big phones, brazilian hair, expensive vacations, big cars and much more she got from her husband.

So what happened? What has led to the end of their "enjoyment" marriage?

As reported by The Capital:
Full-length mink coats, a new Mercedes Benz 4matic or Range Rover Evoque and a tastefully furnished mansion in highbrow Banana Island, Victoria Island, Lagos, makes falling in love with an older man a.k.a Sugar Daddy, pretty easy and so much fun for a young lady.

Add to the mix, access to credit cards and the possibilities presented by the sugar daddy’s ownership of a private jet, and you have a gleeful, girly paramour whose joy knows no limits.

Although some would readily cite falling in love truly with her rich old lover but that is simply one defense that could hardly stand the test of doubts. Ask Dabota Lawson, the former beauty queen who ‘married’ Novena Boss, Sunny Aku not too long ago.

A mistress should be like a little country retreat near the town, not to dwell in constantly, but only for a night and away. But Billionaire Sunny, who lost his last wife to the cold hands of death years ago, did not see it that way. Or maybe he knew, but he thought she could change.

Places they traveled to around the world, while in the marriage.
Now their mutual attraction has run its full course and has thus flickered out like a dying firelight. Dabota has moved out of their matrimonial home.

She moved out of the marriage citing incompatibility among other irreconcilable differences. What came as a shock to those who know the ‘couple’ was that they put up a fa├žade of bliss everywhere they went during their ill-fated relationship and made many look forward to getting hooked to sugar daddy.

The lesson: marriage is a divine institution, don't go into it with greed or plan B or any other kind of plan.

Did Instagram Yank Off Dabota Lawson’s Account Because She Bought Followers?

Well that’s what a source just told me. The source told me that I shouldn’t follow the rest and her page was automatically yanked off by Instagram for buying followers in order to boast her business. But is she the first to buy followers? But for a fact, either instagram deleted her page or she did it herself Dabota is not doing it because of her marriage crisis. For crying out loud, she left her home since September 2015, we already gave you that gist and Dabota has moved on. She has solely being facing her business and cashing in on it.

Who would have thunk this? Amber Rose & Kim Kardashian take a friendly selfie together

Now, who saw this coming? Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose have sent social media on meltdown after they both posted photos of a friendly selfie they may or may not have taken together on their respective instagram pages...this is just a week after Amber's ex and Kim's husband Kanye West blasted her by calling her a stripper. But some fans think the photo was super-imposed...but both ladies sharing the pic online means all is well between them now. See Amber's post after the cut...

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