Thursday, April 2, 2015


Sir, I actually do not know how to start this letter, but I know it is pertinent that I write to you on, especially considering the historic bend our 'common factor' which of this moment is Nigeria have just towed.

After much consideration, please permit me to start this piece by telling you as far as I, Olanrewaju Obideyi (aka Lobinco) am concerned, YOU DID NOT WIN THIS ELECTION, rather, NIGERIA.

Let me further expatiate this...
It is no news that you have contested for this post 4 consecutive time. First time as your self alone, 2nd time probably as a notherner, 3rd time as a politician as we know them in Nigeria, but this 4th time as a candidate of Nigeria.

My point sir is I believe you have learned a lot during this spell of 12 years you have sought to be our leader as a nation. You have only come this far because Nigeria endorsed you to come this far. The prayers of the Christians, Muslims and other Nigerians that make up the statics which earned Nigerians the credit of being the happiest people in the world and their desire to remain as one is what has brought you here today.

Sir, I don't know if you got my first open letter to you. This was sent in the course of the campaign through every social media platform, blogs and I mailed it to governor Babatunde Raji Fashola of Lagos state to help get it across to you, since I couldn't think of any better way through which I can get it to you.

I had referred to you in that letter as the People's General. I believe I was right considering the different names added to your name by different tribes of the federation in their ceremonies of adopting you as one of them. This election finally have justified you as the people's general.

Now sir, my purpose of writing you is to once again share with you what I believe the Nigerian populace wants from you as regards the change we desire, which probably is not same as the change your party APC preached to us.

At 72 sir, I believe a chameleon can't change its skin as you're already set in your character and as such, you may not be very prone to negative influences from your close and distant associates. This leads me to my points.

Sir, Mandela was a hero in South Africa, because rather than avenge his apartheid enemies, he reconciled with them and ran an all inclusive government which today on record is almost making South Africa the giant of Africa though Nigeria still retains that title on paper as it were.

Your story is similar to that of Mandela. In the course of the campaigns, a lot of emotions were frayed and hurt. There was so much mudslinging which even at this moment is still making the rumored conceding and calling to congratulate you of your key opponent, His Excellency, Dr Goodluck Azikwe Ebele Jonathan seem a farce, because this was not what majority of us were expecting. Let me quickly use this opportunity to say if indeed that rumored call is true, his Excellency is the real hero and number one agent of change this country have been yearning for.

Sir, God that has brought you this far will insha Allah preserve your life to witness your swearing in and the period of your four years term and beyond for as long as you wish to live.

Sir, I think the first mission you should embark on is the reconciliatory mission to ensure all frailed nerves are soothed, though not at the expense of the the Nigerian people.

Secondly and most importantly sir, you made some promises to deliver some dividends of democracy to us in the next four years. Please note betrayal is one thing Nigerians have been dished so much by politicians in the past. I am begging you to please live to and beyond your promises sir.

Finally sir, this may want to sound like a threat, but who am I to threaten an Ex General in the army, I want you to know as the Yoruba's will always say, "Panshon ti won fi naa iyale, be lori aja fun iyawo. This means as we have voted you in and voted another out, we are watching sir.

Please deliver the change we need so we don't change you or your party in another 4 years as I will be on the watch, work on developing my writing skills and keep writing you anytime I feel there's a need.

Make Nigeria an envy of the world, and make those of us who believe we've no other place to go justified.

Congratulations again on your deserved victory sir.

Obideyi Lobinco Olanrewaju is a concerned Nigerian youth., @lobinco on tweeter.

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