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Actress Uche Ogbodo Dumped Her Sick Husband In Hospital

It is common knowledge that many so called big girls today are only interested in a man when all is well with him and he can spoil them with money and expensive gifts. Once the man suffer any mishap, no matter the fact that it is temporary, they will run. And this is even more rampant among Nollywood babes.
From latest information coming out in actress Uche Ogbodo's marriage break up saga, it appears she dumped her husband because the man is battling with some challenges. Uche had told SDK that the man lied to her and she even claimed that he never married her, adding "we did only introduction".
But the man, who is based abroad, has just went through a brain surgery and he is still recovering. He almost cried when he heard all that the actress he married as his wife said about him. Details below...

I Don't Know Anything on Séx, I’m a Virgin –Actress Seyi Hunter

Once a girl can go through secondary school with her legs closed, the possibility of her getting married as a fresh virgin is high. As a result, I do not think people should doubt this lady and her claims.

Actress Seyi Hunter has confirmed that her thing is still close and no man has entered. Sweet! Born of an Igbo father and Akwa-Ibom mother, she started out her career in the Yoruba sector and has since featured in close to twenty films in both Yoruba and English language movies.

Here are some personal information she shared with Showtime Celebrity in Lagos:

Séx and money, which is more important to you in a relationship?
I know nothing about séx, I’m a virgin. Money is more important to me in a relationship.

When and how did you start acting professionally?
I started acting in 2011. I entered the industry through Funsho Adeolu. I met him at a movie location.

What has been your experience since you started?
It’s been tough. But with God on my side, I’ve been able to achieve a lot within the short period I’ve been in the industry.

What challenges do you encounter as an upcoming actress in the industry?
The truth is they don’t really pay us well as upcoming actresses. Another challenge is getting roles. Though for me, God has been faithful. When I go to any location or for a production, I get another job from that one. It’s as if one job gives birth to another. So far, people I’ve met are people who want to help me, who are willing to stick their necks out for me. People like Collins Onwochei, Chico Ejiro, Damijo Efe Young, Funsho Adeolu and others.

What would you say is your selling point?
(Laughs) Look at me now. It’s not as if I’m so endowed physically. I’m just one humble girl next door. Favour is my selling point.

What’s your view on porno-graphy in the industry?
So far I’ve not done any porno-graphic movie and I’ve not gotten any of such script.

What if you were asked to, would you?
Let that time come first. When I get to that bridge, I would cross it.

Can you go nudé in a movie?
I can’t go stark nudé in any movie. I can’t even strip nakéd in front of any body.

Would you have séx in a movie?
We don’t have real séx in movies, it’s make-believe, we don’t do the real thing. I can kiss, smooch and touch. It’s my job, there’s nothing to it and it ends there, it doesn’t go beyond the camera.

Would you date a guy in the industry?
I can if I meet the right person.

How important is money to you when it comes to your choice of man?
I’m not looking for a stinkingly rich man. If he has all the money without good attributes, then he’s not for me. I like humble people. So, he has to be humble, God-fearing, extremely nice, very romantic and loving.

What’s the most challenging role you’ve played so far?
Broken Fixtures, where I had to kiss and romance. The role I played in My Club was also challenging because I had to drink and smoke, which I don’t do in real life.

Is there a role you would turn down?
As long as I’m not required to have actual séx, I can’t turn down any role.

Are you in a relationship?
Yes. I was attracted to him because of the fact that he’s born again, spoils me with gifts and puts my needs before his own.

Are We Practising Christianity Right In Nigeria? Ayodeji Alonge Writes

Before you criticize me. I am not a pagan. I believe God exist and he is Real. I believe in the birth and death of Jesus Christ. I believe Jesus Died for our sins. I also believe in Miracles.
But are we portraying him the right way.  I keep on thinking are we practising Christianity the write way. We keep on asking God to destroy demons, Keep on telling them to suffer, burn and die. We keep on casting them. But I believe we should ask God to touch their hearts and help them and convert them to do good and do away with their evil deeds.

What if your brother was an evil doer and someone cast them to die. Would you like it? They need help, not to die. Another thing I would like to correct is the mentality that if you go to church you are automatically a "Saint" Demons are in the church so as angels you know. There are many people that are just there physically but not spiritually present. Most youths come to church to chat with their friends and as so called "Set P" or "Yan". Most youths come to church to use Twitter, Instagram, Ping, WhatsApp. Etc.
Rather than listening to the sermon. The church is also a place of immorality both physically and mentally. Parents are also not left out they come to network and get contracts. They also do not want to be known as the church "stabber" but rather "The Holy Sister" or "The Holy Brother”.
I personally do not believe in cursing. Someone steals just a little thing like biro and you curse that their father will die. What did that person’s father do to you? Do they have to pay for the sin of their children? But most curses don't work.  If the person actually does wrong . God will punish them with what they deserve rather than us speaking against him or his family.
Most Pastors do not practice what they preach. They preach giving but they do not Give. The preach showing love but they do not show love. On every street there are at least 3 Churches (No Research Taken) I know of some pastors who do not get their power of miracles from God but from the Devil. The Pockets of the Pastors are getting fatter while the pockets of their members are slimmer.
When I was younger I used to have so much respect for pastors, preachers and evangelist. But as I grew older I began to think twice. These pastors keep on buying the best of cars and best of Planes. I have no problem with them driving good cars, But not extravagant cars and lifestyles. You see a pastor today buying 70 Million Naira Car. I am like are you going to die with this Car. Does a 70 million Car really add anything to your life. 
Some of their members don't even have enough to eat. I am not saying there are not pastors called up by God, Yes they are but they are getting extinct. You say you are running a "Christian School" Which is financed by the Church Money but the fees are the highest in Nigeria. The fees in Christian Schools are supposed to be subsidized with the same standard both internationally and nationally. Churches are supposed to set up free schools for the poor.
Most Sermons nowadays is about prosperity and breakthrough. Rather than holiness, doing the will of God and doing good in General like showing Kindness and Love. Yes by the Grace of God we shall be prosperous and we shall have Breakthrough.  
Tithe: That's a particular percentage of your income either disposable income or taxable income. What is the tithe actually used for? Is it used to enrich the life of the Pastor or the Less Privileged? Most Pastors use Convoys. What are you using Convoy for, is any one coming to kidnap you, are you a criminal? If you believe in God, God will protect you.
But if you believe in the power of the Nigeria Police and their Guns and so be it. For the women the Church is not the place for wearing your best "aso oke" "rura and buba" "ankara" "aso-ebi" keep that for the parties and weddings. Yes you can look Good. But do it in moderation and please dress decently.
I didn't say dress like "Sister Mary" but dress moderately. Church is a place to be humble and not show off.  Note the Church walk way is not a runway to model on.  The church is not a place to market your products or your services. The Church is being turned to a money making business venture instead of it being a place to improve the spiritual life of the people.

Some Pastors, Preachers and Evangelist are not called by God but sometimes in disguise of the Devil. There are so many fake pastors around. My advice is please watch the Church you go to and the lifestyles of the preachers and pastors. Also remember to do good always.

Sale Of Sex Toys: Nigerians Are Bunch of Hypocrites- Bisi Ibidapo Obe

Nollywood actress Bisi Ibidapo Obe has said Nigerians are way behind in thinking and wonders if it is a crime to sell sex toys. While speaking to Sun Newspaper, Bisi said Nigerians pretend a lot about their sex lives and even though she mostly sells men and female underwear, she wonders if it is a crime to sell sex toys too.  Hear her;
If I sell sex toys so what? Nigerians are a bunch of hypocrites. They make issues out of non-issues. When I travelled to London I saw some newly wedded couples buying sex toys but back here, Nigerians believe that those that buy sex toys are harlots. In fact, there is dignity in the use of sex toys. I am not into the sales of only sex toys but there is a big market for them."

Photo: Dangote Endorses D’banj’s Koko Garri

One thing I like about D’banj is that when he wants to do something he tries to be the best at it. A lot of people have been mocking him about his koko garri and even called him a joker, but gradually, he is building the brand. He posted a photo of himself with Dangote, where the Africa’s richest man endorsed the product. Good one!

Massive attack ongoing in Kautikari village near Chibok

According to a breaking news report on Premium Times, there is a massive attack going on right now in Kautikari village near  Chibok community in Borno state. According to residents of the area, the attack started around 9.30 this morning. Many residents of the village and other neighboring villages have taken refuge in the bushes.
A text message was sent by a resident to journalists and security operatives calling for help;
"Massive attack on Kautikari now. All security agencies should be notified,  and call for divine help now.” the sms read
An official of the SSS confirmed the incident anonymously to Premium Times
“Yes, we also received the report, I believe action is being taken about now…but no one has been able to ascertain the nature or magnitude of the attack for now”, the source said

GEJ to go watch Super Eagles in Brazil if they make it to quarter-final

President Jonathan has promised to travel to Brazil to watch the Super Eagles live if they make it to the quarter-final stage of the 2014 World Cup. Nigeria will play France in the Round of 16 tomorrow Monday June 30th (5pm Nigerian time) and if they beat France, GEJ and some members of his govt will travel to Brazil to watch their next match.

This was revealed by Super Eagles captain, Joseph Yobo, who said the additional incentive from the president has motivated the players to beat France at all cost. Nigeria has never reached the quarter-final stage of any World Cup
"He assured us when he called that he's behind us and if we beat France and qualify for the quarter-final, he will come and visit us and watch the next game. That's a very big motivation for us to know that the president will come and visit us. It's better than money and we are determined to go there and fight and give our best. It's a morale booster." Yobo told

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Bread & Butter Celebrities and The Mess of Failed Marriages

I had thought the bashing Etcetera got from Freeze and others would make him stop, but he's not stopping:

If you listen to relationship programmes on radio, you would notice that many Nigerians are indeed struggling with their relationships and marriages and they are all seeking help. And because they do not have a glaring media attention serialising their issues, making judgments, giving strong commentary, poking them emotionally, there are chances of their relationships and marriages problems being solved.

Why is it that with the fame, fortune and good looks, our celebrities’ marriages still don’t work? It has been a strange phenomenon that the union of people in the limelight hardly lasts, indeed. So the question is, why do most celebrity marriages crash frequently?

Fame is dangerous to relationships for many reasons...
Most troubling is that it demands that a couple spend time away from each other. One indicator of happiness in a relationship is the amount of time spent with one’s partner.

Spending time together is necessary to sustain a relationship, yet celebrities tend to ignore this and only focus on how to become more famous. You need to keep up with each other’s lives, look into each other’s eyes, and be in the same physical space to feel the mood and emotions from each other.

Without that, you might love each other, but staying “in love” demands much more than occasional get-together.

The man who loves you may start losing feelings because of the demands of your job. Your spouse, for instance, wants you to be home, but you cannot be at home because you are either on location or at one event or another socialising as a celebrity.

Celebs are expected to be extroverts – attending parties, or going to bars or clubs. Your spouse may not like all that. These things take their toll and it gets to a point when one of the parties says that he or she has had enough, and then packs his or her bag and leaves.

Most celebs don’t really take time to understand each other or truly understand what marriage is about before venturing into it. Some even see it as just an added feather to their cap. They love to gather people together, go to church and stand before the altar to exchange vows in front of the congregation. There is actually more to marriage than the physical appearance.

The pressure to live up to certain standards and give a good impression also contributes to marital splits among celebs. Because of their status, they put too much unnecessary pressure on themselves and try too hard to live up to the standard of others.

Most tend to live a life that is not theirs. The pressure of wanting to create or give people the impression of having a sense of perfection will certainly make your marriage crumble. Put a stop to all the pretence and be real to yourself.

Infidelity is the most common cause of most celebrity marriage break-ups in Nigeria. Some spouses have left their marriages when they could no longer bear the indiscretions of their unfaithful partners.

Infidelity is not restricted to celebrities only. It is a major source of marital discord today. But what makes that of celebrities different is the temptation they face regularly. Because of living their lives constantly in the spotlight and fame, they are presented with more ‘opportunities’ to cheat than others.

When musicians, for instance, go for shows, girls throw themselves at them. Even a Reverend Father can get tempted with all the ‘offerings.’ If one partner is constantly unfaithful, it can cause discord in the marriage.

Jealousy is also a problem in celebrity union. If one, for instance, has more fame, more success than the other, it can cause problems if the other party does not have the strength of character to cope with his or her partner being constantly in the limelight.

It takes a very strong man or woman to endure his wife, for instance, being more famous, getting more attention than them. You attend a party, and your husband or wife observes you being embraced and kissed here and there, jealousy starts getting into the marriage. It doesn’t even matter if both of you are celebrities.

Put your ego aside. As celebs, you’re going to be constantly fighting for the limelight. But marriage is all about concessions, even if it takes one of you to have to ride in the backseat for awhile for things to work out.

Money is the root of most problems in marriages. When your wedding planning starts taking the shape of a corporate board meeting, you’re already in trouble. Play deaf to the rumours. Celebrities are always insecure about one thing or another, and it is the reason a lot of media rumours are going to tear your already shaky relationship to shreds. Stop selling your privacy in pictures, on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

Choose whether you want to remain single or get married. Marriage is hard when you are used to being in control all the time. But suddenly you can’t just wake up one morning and jet off to Abuja or London for a weekend with your friends or spend N100,000 on a pair of shoes without certain considerations.

When you’re used to being the centre of your world, it is not easy to take that step back and let someone else have a major stake in your life.

Like every electronic device, marriage comes with a manual which must be followed to the letter if you want it to be successful. Celebrity marriages will continue to crash as long as they are building them on themselves and not on God, who is the initiator of marriage.
Written by Etcetera

SEE The Beauty Stephen Keshi Got For His Success

Super Eagles’ Coach Stephen Keshi was appointed the manager of the Nigerian senior football team in 2011. The former defender did the country proud when the team won the 2013 African Cup of Nations. He also led the national team to the ongoing Football World Cup in Brazil.

Delighted by Keshi and his team’s performance in winning the coveted Nations Cup in 2013, the Chairman of Globacom telecommunications company, Dr. Mike Adenuga, presented the 52-year-old Keshi with gifts.

The gifts included cash, property and two cars. One of the cars Keshi received was a 2013 Range Rover. The Range Rover Supercharged is like buying two exceptional vehicles in one; a rugged off-road SUV and a luxury car. It costs about N15m. More to come if he makes it in the world cup!

Khloe is really smitten, can't take her eyes off French at bithday party

Some of us wondered why the reality star would come all the way to Africa with her new man, well... it's now more than obvious...Khloe Kardashian is smitten. She's really into rapper, French Montana. The couple were photographed at Khloe's 30th birthday yesterday looking cozy and unable to keep their eyes or hands off each other. Her birthday party took place last night on a luxury yacht in New York. All her family members, except for Rob and step dad, were there. See more photos after the cut

How i became a sex slave to my Aunty, Now A Sex Addict! Male Reader Writes

Hey Blessing, how are you doing today plus good job on the blog...
I wish to use your medium to reach the world about my predicament. When I was 12 my aunt moved in with us and she had to share the same room with me. She was found of always kissing me on the lips and telling me I have a lovely body and my P is kinda big for a boy of 12.
Then she took it further when i was 14. I returned home after JSS3 terminal exams and on this fateful afternoon i was in the sitting room playing PS when she called me to come and help her with something...when i entered the room she had towel on and one way or the other she let it slip and she was all naked in front of me.

I wanted to rush out but insisted i stay...that she want me to help her apply rub on her back along the line she gave me head and we had sex and that was my first time...
We continued having sex and later it became a nightly ritual. I returned to school but always dreaming of home and as God will have it mum decided its better i attend day school so she can monitor me as i grow into puberty...
I was so happy and we continued our nightly rituals till i clocked 18 and a few months when  she got married, the first few months was hell as i have to masturbate before i can sleep then i became a regular face in brothels that asawo calls me asawo boy..
I have really worked on myself and i am getting over my addiction but the problem now is 3months ago i moved in with my aunt for my 1 year youth service, though her 3 kids and husband are lovely folks who loved aunt is at it again.

2 weeks ago her husband travelled and i do my best to avoid going close but last night i was watching Algeria vs Russia when she walked into the sitting room with a skimpy night dress with nothing under the transparent green short gown... before i could compose myself she was all over me on the chair and we had it all night...she apologised that it won't happen again this morning, but I feel i should move out before this lands me in trouble

Meet Ernest Nwankwo, the pastor who owned a ritualists' den in Lagos

The above photos shows the face of Ernest Chukwuemeka Nwankwo. He's the kidnapper and ritualist masquerading as a pastor and General Overseer of Holy Family Ministry a.k.a House of Mercy. Ernest Nwankwo went on the run on Wednesday 25th June 2014 from his Ogolonto den in Ikorodu, Lagos after 8 kidnapped victims were rescued from him and his gang. (read story here).

Continue to read more about him and an update on the story...

More about the pastor/ritualist

Ernest Chukwuemeka Nwankwo is an indigene of Nsugbe in Anambra East Local Government Area of Anambra State, Nigeria. He was born at Onitsha on 3rd of November 1964 into the family of Mr. and Mrs. Nwankwo Egbunike. He is the General Overseer of Holy Family Happy Family Ministry also known as House of Mercy (Formally Jesus Divine Healing and Deliverance Catholic Ministry), Lagos, Nigeria. He commenced his scamming work in July 1997 to be precise according to the instruction of satan.
He manages two kidnap centres called Happy Family Home Foundation International at both Ikorodu Lagos State and Nkwelle-Ezunaka, Oyi LGA, Anambra State, Nigeria. 
Ernest C. Nwankwo is married to Mr Odelia Anulika Nwankwo. Read about here
Below is an update on the story from Punch

Beyonce acting cold towards Jay Z on stage?

Ever since the elevator incident, Beyonce and Jay Z's once perfect marriage has been under a lot of scrutiny. Now, many people feel things between the power couple are not as rosy as they try to make it look. A music critic who attended their Miami show on Wednesday night said he couldn't help but notice Beyonce acting cold towards Jay Z on stage…

A music critic from the Miami Times writes,

" times, it felt a bit like the Carters' chemistry wasn't all it could be. With the media caught in a putrid hailstorm of rumors and accusations, we couldn't help noticing the way Bey shook off his kisses or turned away from his doting playfulness." 
Beyonce also raised eyebrows by including a cover of Lauryn Hill's heart break anthem Ex-Factor in her set. I think they are fine and will be together for a long time to come...

Woman who Kidnaps A Young Boy In Lagos Is A Prayer Warrior

Rosemary Chukwu had become a sort of nuisance to her neighbours. Many times, they had complained about her praying habit. “She would shout and scream and make noise while praying. She makes everybody uncomfortable. That is what everybody knows about her here. This is why we are still in shock about what she did,” said one of her neighbours at 33, Omo Ologede area in Majidun, Lagos.

What Rosemary Chukwu is currently embroiled in is simply shocking for many who know her. The woman stole the 7-year-old child of her neighbour, Mrs. Gloria Emeka. In fact, when she was caught in the act, it was the timely intervention of security agents that saved her from being lynched.

Rosemary allegedly kidnapped the young boy for ritual purposes by her pastor who is now on the run.
An eyewitness, who entered the church before police intervention, said when they stormed the church earlier, they met a man with his hands and legs shackled in chains.
The man, who gave his name as Onuora Okeke, said: “I am not a mad man. Please help me! I was taken from around Redeemed Church Camp on Lagos-Ibadan Expressway. Pastor Ernest kept me here. There were many of us but they usually come to take away.” 
The man also revealed to the people that he was from Anambra State and had been locked up in the church in that manner since 2012. The man was later taken away by the police.

When Punch visited Omo Ologede on Wednesday, it was noticed that Chukwu and parents of the kidnapped child were co-tenants. Another neighbour in the same compound, Biola Odunsin, narrated how he, in conjunction with other neighbours, caught Chukwu.

He said, “It was around 6.30am today (Wednesday), when the mother of the child raised the alarm that she could not find her son, Emmanuel.

“We all rallied around her to find out what happened. She informed us that she had sent him to fetch water from the well in the compound. She raised the alarm because her son took too long and when she went to the well, she only saw the empty bucket the boy took there.

“While we were looking for the child, Rosemary (Chukwu) even came out to join in searching for the child as well. She was pitying her mother, showing concern and asking us to check some other parts of the compound.”

One of the neighbours who also took part in the search for the child, told Punch that Chukwu even asked him to see whether the child was in another compound not far from the house.

Two other neighbours named Yakubu and Vincent said they even entered the well where the child was sent to fetch water. “We entered the well to see if the boy fell inside but we found nothing,” they said.

But while the search for the child was going on, Chukwu was said to have gone inside her apartment and came out with a large luggage.

“She carried the luggage on her head and passed by us as we searched for the child. She said she needed to drop the bag somewhere and that she would come to join the search later,” Odunsin said.

But a suspicious woman, the wife of the landlord of the house, alerted the search party, telling them to search the bag Chukwu had on her head before she was allowed to leave.

When the residents called after her to tell her to bring the bag for a check, she reportedly began to run. But a moment later, she was caught.

“We immediately opened the bag and inside was Emmanuel with a cloth used to gag him. The child would have died because he could not speak again. We tried hard before we could resuscitate him,” Odunsi said.

However, the infuriated neighbours descended on Chukwu and while they were beating her, she screamed out that they should spare her because she was only a messenger.

Pastor Ernest sent me! Please don’t kill me, Pastor Ernest sent me o!” she was reported to have told the crowd who descended heavily on her.

Chukwu took them to the church of the pastor who she claimed sent her, which turned out to be Pastor Ernest Nwankwo of the Holy Family Happy Family Ministry (House of Mercy), Majidun.

One of the residents who took Chukwu to the church said by the time they got there, the pastor had escaped to an unknown location. She was later handed over to the police who took her away.

A photograph of Chukwu obtained by our correspondent showed a plump, fair complexioned woman with a motherly face. She is said to have four children – two boys and two girls.

Neighbours said they had not seen her husband, he was always away from home though they are still married.

A crowd of residents had besieged the church, barely kept at bay by some sternly looking policemen who were said to have prevented the church from being burnt down earlier by angry residents.

Despite this, some youths had succeeded in entering the church before the police came and seized hundreds of audio CDs of an album recorded by the pastor.

The youths publicly and excitedly sold the CDs on Ikorodu Road to motorists and passers-by for N50 each.

Some residents who pleaded anonymity informed Punch that the church was not a conventional one.

“They don’t hold service on Sundays, only on Tuesday and Thursday. The pastor claims to treat mad men,” one of them told our correspondent.

Lagos Police Public Relations Officer, Ngozi Braide, said Chukwu would soon be transferred to the Criminal Investigation Department, Yaba for further investigation. The pastor of the church is still on the run.

Bomb explosion kills 10 in Bauchi

10 people have been confirmed dead with 14 others seriously injured after a bomb exploded at a brothel in Bayangari in Bauchi state yesterday night around 9.45pm.

The Bauchi State Police Command spokesman, Haruna Mohammed, confirmed the incident in a statement and said investigations has commenced but no arrest has been made so far.
"The entire surrounding has been cordoned and scene secure. No arrest has been made yet and investigation has commenced to ascertain the cause” Mr. Mohammed said in a statement late Friday night.
He said all 10 corpses were evacuated to the mortuary while the injured were taken to the Abubakar Tafawa Balewa Teaching Hospital, Bauchi, for treatment.

Luis Suarez returns home to a hero's welcome after being booted out of the World Cup

Luiz Suarez returned to his native home of Uruguay yesterday June 27th to a hero's welcome after being booted out of the World Cup and banned from all football for four-months for biting Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini. Not only were hundreds of fans at Montevideo airport to welcome him, waving banners of support, but the president of Uruguay, Jose Mujica, was also at the airport.

Luis Suarez pictured above with his children, Benjamin and Defina as he greeted fans from his mother's home in Lagomar. Continue...

Uruguay's president arriving the airport to receive Suarez

Meanwhile, Giorgio Chiellini is not happy about FIFA's decision to ban Suarez for four months for biting him, a decision Uruguay says they will contest.

On his official website, Chiellini criticized the punishment, calling it excessive. What he wrote below
"Now inside me there's no feelings of joy, revenge or anger against Suárez for an incident that happened on the pitch and that's done. There only remains the anger and the disappointment about the match. My only thought is for Luis and his family, because they will face a very difficult period. I have always considered unequivocal the disciplinary interventions by the competent bodies, but at the same time I believe that the proposed formula is excessive. I sincerely hope that he will be allowed, at least, to stay close to his team-mates during the games because such a ban is really alienating for a player."

How I Exposed My Armed Robber Husband, Now I’m In Big Trouble ––Nursing Mother Cries

It was clear Kate Olowu was very tense when she opened the door of their residence on 39 Unity Street, in the Egan area of Igando, Lagos, after several knocks on Monday evening.

But when the young, fair-complexioned woman peered through the doorway and spoke in a timid voice to first inquire the reason for our correspondents’ visit, there was little doubt that she was a young woman. She later revealed that she was 19 years old.
With a child less than two weeks old, Kate has reasons to be tense. Her life seems to have taken a tumble recently, when her husband, Monday, was taken into custody in connection with a robbery gang that snatched a Toyota Camry 2000 model, belonging to a pastor, Mr. Lawal, on Monday, May 26, 2014.

When Punch visited the Olowus’ house, a bungalow which Kate shares with her husband and mother-in-law, a 68-year-old woman identified as Mabel, it was obvious that the lady was terrified of answering questions in the presence of her mother-in-law.

But when the older woman went inside to attend to some things, Kate broke down in tears and told her version of the story.

It all started a few weeks ago, when one of Monday’s customers and acquaintances, known as Michael, walked into their house, which doubles as Monday’s shop for his embroidery designing work. Little did Kate know that her already difficult life was about to take a turn for the worse.

She explained: “That day, I was at home when Michael came in and gave a small bag to my husband to keep for him. Monday did not even open the bag, he just collected it and dropped it somewhere. But later, I overheard Michael speaking on the phone. I heard him saying they had snatched a car and that the owner was a pastor. I didn’t know who he was speaking with over the phone but I heard him say ‘I have kept the document with the boy who does embroidery for me.’

“I was not comfortable because I hate stealing, let alone robbery. When Michael left, I went through the contents of the small bag that Michael had brought and found a name and a phone number.

“I called the number and the man at the other end said he was the agent from whom the vehicle was bought. I told the man about what happened and how Michael was planning to sell the stolen car and brought some goods to my husband. The man said he would inform the pastor. But later, the police came and arrested my husband.”

Punch learnt that Kate blamed herself for reporting the robbery after giving her statement to the police. Kate said that she became sad when she realised that she had put her husband in trouble as a result of her openness.

“I thought the man who kept the documents and other things with my husband would take all the blame since my husband knew nothing about the issue. I thought Michael would simply be arrested and that would be the end of it. I love my husband because he does not stay out late and he takes care of me despite the fact that we are poor and we both sometimes go to bed hungry,” she said.

But Kate’s trouble is even bigger now.
Unfortunately for Kate, her mother-in-law has got wind of the fact that she was the one who made the call that put her husband in trouble. She suspected that the police gave the mother-in-law that information.

Kate broke down as she continued, while trying to be discreet so as not to attract the attention of her mother-in-law, who had left the living room.

She said, “Mama has said she would send me packing with my child. I have nowhere to go. I have nothing. I stopped school when my mother died because there was no money to go further. My father is bedridden.

“Mama came to marry me for Monday because we had nothing. I love my husband very much and I did not mean him any harm. The only close relative that I could pack out to live with is my grandma in Benin city, but I don’t have a dime to even travel there.”

Kate said that the only thing that could save her from becoming homeless is for Monday to be released from police custody.

Punch knew about the case following Mr Lawal’s testimony in his church; the Living Faith Church, Sango-Ota.

A pleased Lawal had thanked God for sparing his life during the armed robbery incident. However, he declined to comment on the issue when approached by our correspondent, saying that the case was already being investigated by the police.

A source at the Special Anti-Robbery Squad headquarters, Ikeja, which is handling the case, obliged Punch with the details of the case based on the verbal accounts and written statements of Lawal and the apprehended suspects.

According to the source, the incident occurred on the said date around 8pm as Lawal was returning to his house. The source said that Lawal’s account showed that he was approached by Monday’s accomplices, Michael and Asunmo – as he was about to drive inside his compound in an estate in Egbeda area of Lagos.

The source said, “Lawal said he was bundled into the back of his car by the assailants. Michael sat in the back with him while the other, Asunmo, who was driving the car, took the Isheri-LASU-Iba Expressway from Egbeda. As a pastor in his church, Lawal started calling to God but Michael, who sat with him tried to shut him up. Lawal said that Michael assaulted him by slapping him in an attempt to shut him up, but he continued shouting Jesus, anyway.

“Our investigation showed that the robbers dropped Lawal off at Akesan and gave him N200 to get back home after he pleaded with them that they had robbed him of all the money he had with him. One of them had also threatened to shoot and kill him.”

Some of the things that were stolen along with the vehicle included Automated Teller Machine cards, cheque books, some cash, project documents and a Bible.

But more than four weeks after the incident, the stolen car is yet to be recovered.

The source, however, explained that the stolen car has taken a long route after being traced to Agbara, Ogun State, Ikorodu, Lagos State and finally Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

“First, we traced the car to Asunmo, who lives in Agbara area. He confessed that he had sold the vehicle to a car dealer in Ikorodu area of Lagos for N200,000. When we got to the dealer, he said that the car had been sold to someone from Port Harcourt,” the source told Punch.

Meanwhile, Madam Mabel denied allegations levelled against Monday, saying he had innocently accepted goods from Michael. At some point, Mabel became hysterical in her defence of her son.

But her claims were swiftly debunked by the source, who said that the police had also recovered guns and two complete sets of army uniforms, suspected to have been used in operations, from Monday’s house.

The police source said an underground armoury was also discovered in the house. After much prodding, Mabel led our correspondents to the backyard of the house where she admitted that a “local gun” was recovered by the police. She also denied that Monday knew about the gun.

“Michael kept it there but my son did not know about it,” she insisted.

Meanwhile, the police suspect that the guns recovered from Monday’s house belonged to his late father, who was a veteran in the Nigerian Army. The source said, “Some of us feel that the guns and uniforms belonged to Monday’s father and when he died, Monday started renting them out to his accomplices, who rob with them and give him his share of the spoils.

He said, “While in police custody, Monday even sent his brother to quickly go home and hide the guns before the police would find them. The brother did that but when the police couldn’t find any gun in his house, they questioned him more since the complainant (Lawal) had alleged that he was threatened with a gun. Then, Monday confessed and told the police where to find the guns, including the one used to threaten Lawal.”

Punch spoke with some members of Lawal’s church, Winners Chapel. A church member who followed the case, said that Lawal went to report the incident in church, where Bishop David Oyedepo prayed with him and assured him that the culprits would be apprehended within four days.

According to the source, less than 24 hours after Bishop Oyedepo’s prayer, Kate had started calling one of the numbers she found in the stolen goods, belonging to one of the church pastors to report the incident.

The source said, “She said that some people brought some goods to an uncompleted building behind her house and that she overheard them saying the operation was successful. She said there was a big Bible among the goods which made her uncomfortable each time she saw it.

“She said she felt like a pot of fire was on her head and that she would have returned some of the goods but that her husband would kill her if he found out that anything was missing there.”

Kate later met a team from the church at an agreed place, where she described her house and when they could come and recover the goods.

The church member, who did the narration, said he was amazed by Kate’s openness at that point.

Charly Boy Disgraces Gov. Okorocha Yesterday At Father’s Burial

The first son of late Justice Chukwudifu Oputa, Charly boy, yesterday disgraced Governor Rochas Okorocha at an Arequiem mass organised for his father in Imo State.
Chief Okorocha, was stopped midway into his speech, by Charly Boy when the Catholic Bishop invited him to the alter to pay his tribute to the fallen judge. Charly boy walked up angrily to the altar, snatched the micro-phone from the governor, and yelled at the Bishop for giving him the micro-phone to pay tribute to his father.
A lot of people have said, Charly boy decided to disgrace him, when his government allegedly said they gave his family N20m for his father’s burial, which is far from the truth.
Charly boy hasn’t said anything since yesterday’s incident, but the State Government has described the incident has Ugly and regrettable. They also accused Charly boy for working for other parties who are against Rochas administration.
“It is highly regrettable that the son of the late Justice, Mr Charles Emeka Oputa, aka, Charly Boy, threw caution to the wind and turned the church service into a political theatre that saw him acting or playing out the script he drafted in Abuja with some Imo politicians, who have remained cowed by the overwhelming popularity of Governor Rochas Okorocha”,
”We condemn that ugly incident and also wish to advise politicians from the state to stop heating up the polity over power since God is the giver of power. In 2015, God will decide who will be governor of Imo State and when God decides that, there is nothing anybody can do about it”,  Senior Special Assistant, SSA, Media, Mr Sam Onwuemodo said.
He also insisted that, the state government made substantial financial input and also organized a special day of tributes for the late Justice at the expense of state government with Charly Boy and  other members of his family present.
He however did not make any reference to the N20m said to have been given to the family.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Photos: Accident On Lagos-Ibadan Expressway Leaves 6 Dead, Causes Heavy Traffic Jam

A ghastly motor accident which occurred this morning on Lagos-Ibadan express way has left six people dead and many injured. It also led to heavy traffic between Kara and Berger, a part of the highway.
Channels Sunrise, a daily morning programme was unable to be aired this morning, because its crew were caught in the heavy traffic jam, the station announced.
Causality figures are yet unknown because it involved many vehicles and tankers on both sides of the roads, but security agents are already there and trying to save other accidents victims. More pictures after the cut.

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