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19-yr-old, who tested HIV-positive after she was gang-raped, seeks justice

Found this story on The Nation. So heartbreaking. Read below...
 Helen (surname withheld) will be 20 years on October 10. But she now bears a burden that is too heavy for her age. She was gang-raped in January this year and was diagnosed with HIV last month. Due to the heart-rending experience and the medical diagnosis that followed, the once cheerful and vivacious Helen now wears a long face as she carries with her the psychological burden of the experience.
After secondary school in 2008, Helen wanted to further her education, but being the fifth of 11 children comes with its own challenge. “Na the condition of no money, na im prevent me from going further,” said Helen when asked why she had not bothered to continue her education.
Despite her background, Helen was unperturbed. Determined that she would return to school some day, she began working as a cleaner in a big firm at Lekki, Lagos, from where she hoped to save for school. She had worked there for almost a year before the tragic episode that altered her life dramatically took place. It was with a deep emotion that she recounted her ordeal.

All was quiet and the street lonely early that Tuesday morning when the unsuspecting lady set out from her Bariga home to resume her morning shift at work. It was at exactly 5:05am, the same time she often left home everyday to board a bus some streets away to Lagos Island. But that morning, something was not right. She noticed five young men lurking about as she got out of her street’s gate. On seeing their fearsome appearance, her heart skipped a beat.

Consumed by fear, her first instinct was to turn and run back into the street, but it was too late. She had been spotted. “They blocked and grabbed me. They pointed a gun at me and told me to be quiet and do everything they said I should do, or else they would harm me,” Helen said before she was overcome by emotion. After a short silence that seemed ages, she added: “I tried to shout but when I looked around and did not see anybody except those guys, I was so afraid and did as they said… They, then, carried me to one corner by the side of the street… (She bowed her head). They asked me to lie down.” Helen went silent again with head still bowed, to hold back tears. She said: “I begged them to release me, that I was on my way to work and that I didn’t have anything to offer them. They told me to shut up, saying they would waste me, if I didn’t like my life. I begged them to spare my life.” Her plea touched a member of the gang; he said she should be freed. But his statement fell on deaf ears, for Helen’s other attackers were determined to carry out their task to the letter. Fighting back tears, she said: “The others said he could leave if he wanted to; they then collected my handbag, my purse and the N5,000 inside with my two phones – one was in my hand. I used its torchlight; the other was in my Jeans pocket. They removed the phone, pulled off my trousers and started violating me (Silence)…They asked me to pull off my clothes. I begged them.”

Her face became contorted as the agony of the incident swelled her being. Helen became silent again. One could see she was fighting to hide several conflicting emotions as she recounted. “But was there no way you could have shouted for help?” the reporter asked in an attempt to douse the tension. “There was no way I could have shouted because there were five of them against only me… I was so scared. So, I just kept begging them to release me.” As her attackers were beginning to enjoy their violent act, they spotted another young man and lady walking towards them. Helen’s attackers also pounced on the couple, robbing them of their valuables at gunpoint. Two of them also raped the second lady. By that time, Helen’s eyes were already swollen, from her trauma and obvious helplessness in the hands of the crooks. The two men raped the girl while the other three continued raping me,” she said in a subdued voice. On how she felt when her violators had their turns, Helen, in tears, said: “I swallowed my scream, felt very bad and closed my eyes as each of them…(Silence). For my mind e be like say make I get knife take kill them, because it was a very painful thing to experience. Before they started, I had asked if they had condoms but they said ‘No’. ‘’

After they finished, all I could think of was running to the hospital and getting some drugs or treatment that could wash everything away from my whole being: my physical body, heart, soul and all. (Again, she lapsed into another silence). I felt very bad and, somehow, dirty.” After the incident She ran back home to her sister. Both ladies cried in silence; they felt ashamed to share with neighbours what had happened. As if that was not enough, while nursing the psychological trauma of the assault she got, another shocker happened to her on the same day. Helen discovered that her violators were her neighbours. “I recognised them: two of them live opposite my house. Before that time, I did not notice them. I see them every day and cringe; I’m always in fear each time I see them,” she said. Three months after Besides the traumatic rape, Helen has fallen into a worrisome medical condition. Last month, she was diagnosed with HIV at the General Hospital where she was rushed to after she was raped. Before then, Helen said she had been “negative”, adding that she knew through a test she did some time back. “When I went there when it first happened, they asked me some questions, gave me some drugs and told me to come back after three months for more tests.

The three-month period lapsed last month. The hospital did the followup test and found that I have become HIV-’positive’. ‘’I felt bad, very bad; and I cried. In fact, the doctor tried to calm my mind; but I kept on crying that ‘I’m finished’. I wanted to take my life because I never expected this to happen to me. They told me life still goes on and that I can still live my life to the fullest. They say people with HIV are can be healthier than those who are negative with the help of drugs. Before I left the hospital, I cried and begged them to help me because I did not plan to live on drugs for rest of my life,” she said. With tears dripping freely and looking straight at the reporter as if to find answers on her face, she continued: “What kind of life can one live now? I feel so bad; I feel so weak and I am asking myself: what did I do wrong in this life to deserve this? What will happen to my dream of going to school? I have not been able to save for school, and I now am treating HIV.”

The news of her status has added more sadness to her family who were still recovering from the shock of her violation. “When my parents heard the news, they were very sad and they all cried,” Helen said amid tears. The 20-year-old has since turned an advocate, seeking justice against her attackers. After living in fear for months, the dread of the rapists forced her and her sister to relocate last weekend. The move has emboldened to seek for justice, feeling she is beyond their reach. “I want justice. I need help. I want those men to go to jail for what they did to me and perhaps many other ladies in the area. These people cannot be allowed to go free. Everybody knows them as thieves in the area; they do not go to work or school but just hang around all day doing nothing. Still nobody has done anything about it. It is almost as if they are using charms. Their father is a very aggressive landlord. I see them always and I’m always in fear; that’s why we packed out of the house last weekend. You won’t believe that till we packed, my attackers are still using my phone,” she said. Helen’s sister, Stella, who was also in her 20s, said the whole incident has left the family heart-broken. Stella, who learnt a comforting hand to her sister, said: “We felt so weak and very unhappy, but there is nothing else we can do but to support her and pray that those crooks would be made to pay and suffer for what they did to my sister.”

BIG TROUBLE: Boko Haram Runs Out Of Food Supply


Chai...!!! How will they now feed our girls? Nawao!
There are indications that the need to feed the over 200 students of Government Secondary School, Chibok, that were abducted by Boko Haram insurgents on April 14 has put pressure on the Islamic terrorist group to steal food items and loot communities close to Sambisa Forest in the North East.

The terrorist group had in the past week stepped up the looting of villages, markets and food stores in Borno, Adamawa and Yobe states for food items. Now the villagers have started attacking and killing them.

Some Boko Haram members met their waterloo in Madagali, Adamawa State, where they were given up by a local food vendor from whom they had planned to buy foodstuffs.

The vigilante group pounced on them and killed over 70 while seven others were handed over to the police.
A Madagali resident, who did not want his name mentioned, had said, “The vigilance group mobilised, laid ambush and waited patiently for the insurgents. As soon as the insurgents, numbering over 100, showed up in the village to pick up their favourite meals, the vigilantes attacked them, killing most of them in a hail of bullets.”

Security personnel, during the week, also repelled attacks by the terrorists on Kubla, a border town between the troubled Borno and Adamawa states.

A security source stated, “The heavily armed terrorists arrived in Kubla and started burning houses and stealing foodstuff, until a contingent of the military was mobilised to confront them. The soldiers engaged the militants in a fierce exchange of gunfire to repel them.”

According to Punch, the hoodlums were well armed with sophisticated weapons, and after raiding the area, they went to the major market and shot sporadically and indiscriminately into the crowd, killing 20 persons on the spot and burning most of the shops in the market.

He said the attack lasted for over two hours last Sunday. “The invaders had a field day wreaking havoc on us. They snatched several vehicles and loaded them with bags of assorted foodstuff, before fleeing the area.”

Some residents of the affected communities close to Sambisa Forest told journalists in Maiduguri that the Boko Haram members had visited their towns recently asking for money to execute “God’s work.”

The villagers were able to raise N70,000. They took the money and promised to come back for more money.

Michael Essien 'o gi ni na fio?' Lol

The Ghanaian footballer posted this hot pic on his instagram page...Is that all him? #betterthingz..:-)

PHOTO: Why Should A Lady Expose Her Body Like This?

Is this fashion or madness?

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How Fela’s "Double Wahala" Has Changed My Life ––Oritsefemi

The secret desire of all Naija musicians is to record one ‘lucky’ hit song that will give him breakthrough. This is what has happened to Oritse Femi with his "Double Wahala for Deady Body" and he is so happy:
“There were times when I had no money to pay studio fees and I would ask my friends for a loan. After paying the studio fee, I would be left without the fare for my transport back home. When I eventually trekked home, there would be no food to eat. 
“At that time, the fee was N2, 500. I could remember that August Studio in Apapa charged N5, 000 per session. That was where the Plantashun Boys produced all their albums. But I could not afford to go there. So I used Mighty Mouse studio in Ajegunle where the fee was N2, 500 per session. 
“Things have definitely changed. Nowadays, I don’t charge less than N3m to perform at a concert. Sometimes the concerts are funded by multinational companies and we have to tour 20 states. Multiply N3m by 20 states and you will understand what I am saying. The situation has indeed improved.”

Recalling the rough days before he eventually recorded Double Wahala, Oritse Femi told E-Punch:
"I was almost frustrated because my career had over the years failed to generate the desired response from music fans. I prayed to God first for inspiration and basically retraced my steps. It was then it occurred to me that my fans actually want something dynamic for a change. Consequently, because the music we are doing is Afro hip-hop and since Fela was the king of Afro hip hop, I decided to begin by paying homage to him.”

PHOTO: Tonto Dikeh May Spread Ebola Virus With Her Monkey

Anyone close to Tonto Dikeh pls call her to order. When did baby Monkey become a pet? *Lol!*

Ex-Governor Ladoja's Son Dies In Car Accident on Lagos Bridge

These are indeed sad days for the former Governor of Oyo State, Rasheed Ladoja, as he lost one of his sons in a ghastly auto crash on the Eko Bridge in Lagos on Thursday afternoon.
An eyewitness said the driver of a Daf truck, who was on top speed, lost control of his vehicle, rammed into the median of the bridge, before he eventually crashed into the car that driven by Ladoja's son. 
He said, “It took several hours before the victim could be rescued from the wreckage of the vehicle. He was trapped behind the wheels with blood gushing out of his head.”

The deceased, identified as Adebola Ladoja, was driving a Golf saloon car, marked, AKD 107 CJ, and was said to be on his way to Lagos Island when the Daf truck, with number plate, JJJ 59 XA, driven by one Justice Oseghai, rammed into his car on the Eko Bridge.

Lagos Police spokesperson, Ngozi Braide, who confirmed the incident, said it occurred at about 3.30pm.

She said, “At about 3.30pm on the Eko Bridge, Lagos Island, a Daf truck with number plate, JJJ 59 XA, driven by one Justice Oseghai, ran into a Volkswagen Golf saloon car, marked, AKD 107 CJ, driven by one Adebola Ladoja, the son of a former governor of Oyo State, Senator Rasheed Ladoja.

“The victim died on the spot. The corpse has been removed to the Lagos Island General Hospital mortuary for autopsy while the truck driver has been arrested.”
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Wizkid Shows Off His Gold Rolex, Diamond Earrings & Rose Gold Chain


Photos: Wizkid Ex-Lover Going About Taking Pix With Celebs

Who knows what's going on inside Tania Omotayo's head these days? Since Wizkid broke up with her, the babe has been going about taking pix with different musicians but not Wizkid. lol! See the photos below... never can tell, she sure has are eyes on something.
Who knows what's going on inside Tania Omotayo's head these days? Since Wizkid broke up with her, the babe has been going about taking pix with different musicians but not Wizkid. lol! See the photos below... never can tell, she sure has are eyes on something.

16-Year Old Boy Murders Parents Because They Seized His IPhone

16 year old Vincent Parker pleaded guilty yesterday to murdering his parents Carol and Wayne Parker last December. The boy says that there was no specific fight that prompted the brutal MURDER. The sadistic killer told authorities, 'I just remember getting mad,' Parker told the court. 'It's all from my dad. All this stuff like my dad taking away my iPod and stuff.'
The story gets worse. Vincent was an only child being raised by his hard working parents Carol, 57, and father Wayne, 55, in their Norfolk, Virginia home. They did everything right - they lived in a good neighborhood, and helped Vincent become an honor roll student.
But he boy snapped one day . . . and turned into a moster. On December 19, 2013 Vincent left school early while his dad was still at work. He showed up at the family home and surprised his mother - by dousing her in pepper spray.
While the 57 year old woman was blinded and unable to defend herself, Vincent stabbed his mother in the eye, and then beat her with a crowbar and metal baseball bat 'until she stopped breathing'. A medical examiner noted 25 separate smashes and stabs on Mrs Parker's neck, face and head.
The animal then waited patiently over his dead mother's body until his father came in the house. He surprised his dad and hit him in the back of the head with a crowbar, smashing his skull. He then stabbed his father multiple times.
Luckily his father didn't die from the mortal wounds. He managed to call 9-1-1 and tell them what happened. When the ambulance arrived Carol had already died. Wayne survived a short time but died in the hospital.

Yesterday Vincent plead guilty to two counts of second degree murder. A psychological evaluation found him to be both 100% sane and intelligent. He was charged as an adult and will be sentenced in September.
Culled from Mediatakeout

Jonathan Lists Out Conditions For Amnesty To Boko Haram

If Boko Haram members want to enjoy the amnesty being offered by the Goodluck-Jonathan government, there are certain conditions they must meet and President Goodluck Jonathan have set out the conditions.
Jonathan said foreign terrorists, collaborating with “misguided” Nigerians, have unleashed a war on the country in order to bring it down. He said his government was ready to talk with insurgents provided they would not set any pre-conditions for the discussions, and if they would disarm as well as renounce violence.
“For our citizens who have joined hands with Al Qaeda and international terrorists in the misguided belief that violence can possibly solve their problems, our doors remain open to them for dialogue and reconciliation, if they renounce terrorism and embrace peace. 
“My government, while pursuing security measures, will explore all options, including readiness to accept unconditional renunciation of violence by insurgents, and to ensure their de-radicalisation, rehabilitation and re-integration into the broader society.”

Jonathan said at this time, the gains of the past 15 years of democratic governance was being threatened by the “presence of international terrorism” in the country. "I am determined to protect our democracy, our national unity and our political stability, by waging a total war against terrorism. The unity and stability of our country, and the protection of lives and property are non-negotiable," he stressed.
It is expected that those who have some link with Boko Haram will contacted their leaders for possible peace.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

How Bricklayer Killed 12-Year Old Relative

The Lagos State Police Command has arrested a man, Mr. Paul Obiefule, for allegedly beating his 12-year-old relative to death.
The relative, who was identified as Onyedikachi Mbanozo, was staying with Obiefule, a bricklayer, and his wife on Omitola Street in the Agege area of Lagos.
Punch Metro learnt that Onyedika, as the boy was fondly called, was the son of Obiefule’s wife’s brother.

It was further gathered that the boy was beaten to death on Monday evening around 8.30pm, while the neighbours reported the matter at the Pen Cinema Police Division on Tuesday.
It was said that Onyedika, who was attending Irewole Primary School in Agege, could not go to school for several weeks before his death as a result of a sickness sustained from series of beatings.
One of the neighbours, who identified himself as Mr. Oje Owode, told our correspondent that the boy died from an accumulation of floggings which he received from his aunt’s husband.
He said, “The man (Obiefule) usually flogged the boy like an animal. Most times, we tried to intervene, but he would not listen to us. The boy fell sick several times from Obiefule’s merciless flogging. The last sickness was for over two weeks. And then on Monday again, the man beat the sick boy, and locked him up in the room.
“Later, we just saw that Obiefule and his wife went out of the house and did not return until around 5am. We noticed that he put a big bundle on his shoulder and smuggled it in with his wife.
“We did not know that the boy had died in the evening and they were looking for where to dump him all night. That was when we raised the alarm and reported him to the police.”
Another neighbor, Mr. Fatai, said Obiefule usually used hammer, chisel or a screw driver to inflict pains on the deceased.
It was learnt that as soon as Obiefule was arrested on Tuesday, his two boys were taken to a c primary school on the next street. When our correspondent visited the school, the proprietress, who did not want her name to be mentioned, said Obiefule’s two boys had not been spared from their father’s wickedness.

The Lagos State Police spokesperson, Ngozi Braide, confirmed the arrest of Obiefule in an e-mail and added that the police had commenced investigations.

Is Pastor Oyakhilome Planning To Divorce His Wife?

May be yes, may be no, but all seems not to be well with the messengers of God. Pastor Chris’s wife, Mrs Anita Oyakhilome who heads their UK headquarters branch has not been seen in the church she pastors for months now and it has left a lot of people wondering what could have gone wrong. According to some of the church officials who had a meeting with pastor Chris when he flew to London said, even though the pastor wasn’t pleased with what was going on in the house of God (UK headquarters) that he feels his wife thinks she is more superior than a lot of leaders in the church which isn’t supposed to be so, and has started displaying it in her ways.

Summary of pastor Chris Oyakhilome's Speech on 16/05/2014 in a meeting with all UK Pastors and Deacons at Christ Embassy, Bermondsey.
I am here for your concerns about the ongoing domestic issue with my wife and I know it affects you directly, being the ones under her leadership.
This is not an organisation or a political party, so it's not a place for you to air your opinion or scrutinise what we do. We had a vision, started and you joined us. If you don't like what we do, you can get out.
Churches where members air their views never grow.
Some pastors wives think when they marry a pastor they are equal to the pastor. My wife thinks so, as a matter of fact, Rev. Tom was her pastor before I married her and Rev. Ray and Evang. Owase were her leaders long before I married her. How come she thinks she's senior to them now?
I already started Christ Embassy before I married her. I didn't marry her and said we should start Christ Embassy. I was already pastoring. I already set my sail and knew my direction before I married her. I only said come and help me.
Be careful of the friends you keep. My wife keeps friends who bring out the worst in her and help her see the worst in people instead of keeping friends that will help her vision especially as the wife of a global pastor like me.
Bitterness is prolonged and accumulated anger. My wife is always angry and bitter.
Allegations are either false or twisted information. The current situation is not as a result of what I did or what I didn't do. I didn't do anything to have caused an upheaval.
You don't join a woman to fight her husband.
I'm not teaching you what is wrong, at least I have 2 girls who will one day marry and I want to them to enjoy it.

And now some of Mrs Anita’s supporters have also opened a Facebook page asking people to pray for her as others also pleads with the couple that God forbids divorce and they should please come back together for the sake of their daughters.

Nigerian sentenced to 27 years imprisonment in Cambodia

23 year old Precious Chineme Nwoko (pictured above) has been sentenced to 27 years imprisonment by a Cambodian Court for drug trafficking in Cambodia.

Police sources say Nwoko was a ringleader in a heroin smuggling cartel in Cambodia. He was arrested last month for handing a backpack containing 2.2 kilos (4.8 pounds) of heroin to two women, 41year old Australian Yoshe Ann Taylor and 19 year old French Charlene Savarino, for onward transportation to an unidentified man in Australia. Both women were however caught and arrested.
At their trial last month, it was discovered that 19 year old Savarino was Nwoko's girlfriend and they worked closely in smuggling heroin. 41 year old Taylor had also previously helped to smuggle heroin using the backpack.

Judge Kor Vandy at Phnom Penh Municipal Court who presided over their case today said Nwoko and the two women were guilty of 'cross-border smuggling of illegal drugs and thereafter sentenced Nwoko's 19year old girlfriend Savarino to 25 years in jail, while 41 year old Taylor was handed 23 years. They all denied the drug belonged to them.

PHOTO: Top Actor Bruce Willis Daughter Goes Nudé In Protest

Bruce Willis' 22-year-old daughter, Scout Willis, is going gaga with her protest against Instagram for refusing to allow rough ladies flood the social networking site with their private photos. Instagram is very strict on that.
Funny enough, the title of her crazy protest is: #FreeTheNipple.

Nudé Display: Tiwa Savage Lambasted Over Her Raunchy Video

Tiwa Savage got married recently and it appears matrimony has made her daring, rather than more relaxed and show more respect for the marriage institution. Many people are angry at her display. See more below:

...funny enough, while Charles Novia is condemning her act, Tiwa Savage's husband is supporting her.

Panic as explosion rocks Abuja this morning

There was panic in the Kurudu, Jikoyi community in the outskirt of Abuja this morning after a loud explosion was heard. Residents in the area were reportedly seen running for safety when they heard the loud bang.

It was initially thought to be a bomb blast but a Spokesman for the Nigerian army assured people it wasn't, explaining that a rock blocking a new road being constructed from Karishi to Apo in the Abuja city centre, was blasted with dynamites to help free the road and allow construction to continue

Nigerian lady found dead in her hostel room in South Africa

Nigerian student Naizi Evah, (pictured above) a third year Computer Systems Engineering student of Vaal University of Technology, South Africa was found dead on Saturday May 2014 in her hostel room, this is according to her friends who are trying to get the media involved in the case.

One of her friends who reached out to me said prior to her death, Naizi had been in an abusive relationship with a Zimbabwean student, who also studies in same school with her, studying same course. The unidentified man was arrested by police in connection with Naizi's death but was bailed two days after police said they couldn't find any substantial evidence linking him to her death.

Her friends say the boyfriend had been emotionally and physically abusive towards Naizi, beat her severally and even threatened to kill. They say Naizi got tired of the abuse and broke things off with the man and told close friends she was done with him but he kept on trying to get her back/

Her friends believe she was murdered but don't know by who and want the Nigerian authorities to get involved as they don't believe they will get justice for Naizi with South African police. Naizi was from Edo State and was only 20 years old.

TOO BAD: Pastor in Deeper Life Sentenced to 6yrs In Prison for Defrauding Old Woman

I remember when this story first broke, some people close to this pastor  and claimed that he was being blackmailed and that he would be vindicated in court. But sadly, the truth is out.

Pastor Ifeanyichukwu Eric Abakporo, a cleric with a respected Nigerian church, Deeper Life Bible Church, is to spend the next years of his life in prison in the United States of America after he was convicted of fraud.

Pastor Abakporo was accused and found guilty of defrauding banks, mortgage lenders, property owners, and a set of property buyers. The sentenced was delivered by a Federal Court in New York.
Pastor Abakporo was immediately remanded into custody by the presiding U.S. District Court, Judge Shira A. Scheindlin. His wife and two children wept openly in the courtroom as he was being led away to prison in handcuffs...

In addition to the six-year mandatory sentence, Pastor Abakporo will more than likely face deportation back to Nigeria after serving his sentence, with the likelihood of a three-year supervisory probation release waved.

His co-defendant, Latanya Pierce, received a lighter, 30-month sentence. In her closing statement to the court, Ms Latanya Pierce said she felt like the “biggest fool in the world.”

The legal fate of Abakporo and Ms Pierce was never in doubt. They were convicted in a wide-ranging series of illegal transactions in New York City over a nine-year stretch, dating back to 2003.
This is what happens when a pastor who should be saving souls decide to get himself involved in "deals".

Photos: Actor/director Femi Ogedengbe and wife welcome twins

 Nollywood actor and movie producer Femi Ogedengbe and his wife Nkechi Kenneth welcomed a set of twins recently - a boy and girl - and the proud papa showed off his new bundles of joy. The couple already have a four year old son. Congrats to them.visit Photos: Actor/director Femi Ogedengbe and wife welcome twins

I've Married 2 of The Abducted Girls ––Boko Haram Kingpin

One of the top Boko Haram leader, Hassan Ali, who was arrested by the local vigilante in Maiduguri three weeks ago, has confessed that he got “married” to two of the abducted Chibok girls in Sambisa forest.

According to reports, Hassan Ali, a native of Kwapchi-Kilakise village allegedly killed his father, Mallam Hassan Arigizhe, and his uncle, Zakariya Ali. He was also said to have sanctioned the killing of his younger sister whom he forcefully took to Sambisa when she refused to accede to the séxual demands of one of the Amirs (leaders) in Sambisa, an act that elevated him to the position of Amir too.
In his confession: “When we asked him about the abducted girls, he said they were all fine, that none of them was being hurt or molested; he said as a matter of fact he was betrothed to two of them as wives due to his position as Amir. He said they eat good food there – mostly canned foods and canned drinks; they eat spaghetti, rice, smoked fish and yam."

According to the officials of the Vigilante Group of Nigeria in Borno State, Hassan was arrested by the Civilian-JTF and members of the VGN when he was spotted in a car trying to leave Maiduguri for Benisheik, along the Damaturu-Maiduguri highway.

A VGN top official said: “It was on the first day that we mobilised to Pilgrims Camp when we wanted to be given permission to go to Sambisa in search for the missing girls. When he was asked to identify himself, he pretended to be a dumb person. But those that knew him said he was lying and they started to beat him up; it was when he sensed death that he later confessed that he was a member of Boko Haram, and that he was sent to come to Maiduguri to buy yams worth N200,000. He said he had finished his transaction and the truck had since left for Sambisa."

The official added, “I was the one that personally interviewed him when he was arrested near Njimtilo at the outskirts of Maiduguri, towards Damaturu. I even took some jotting of his statement before we later left him with the Sector-6 officials of the Civilian-JTF. I did not take his photograph but some of our local hunters who had camera phones did. Unfortunately, all of them had gone back to their various localities after the state government had disbanded us last week.”

Surprisingly, it seems the deadly Hassan Ali have escaped as no one could tell his present location.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

PHOTOS: Toyin Lawani's Boyfriend Grabs Her Big Ikebe

Popular stylist, Toyin Lawani, is still madly in love with her younger boo. Check out her sweet tatts below...

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Ondo State House of Assembly Elects First Female Speaker

Members of the Ondo State House of Assembly this morning May 27th elected Ms Jumoke Akindele  representing Okitikpukpa constituency II as the new speaker of the State Assembly. Pulling 13 votes, Ms Akindele who is a trained lawyer emerged speaker after the election. She was Chairman, House Committee on Education in the house before her recent election.
The former speaker, Mr Samuel Adeshina Ajayi lost his battle to cancer in Feb 25th 2014 making the seat vacant for new leadership.

Big Girl Stripped after She Was Caught in The Act of Kidnapping

Luck ran out on a big girl recently as she was caught in the act of kidnapping in Odi-Olowo street in ijebu-ode along Ondo-Benin road. She was seriously molested by a angry mob in the area.

According to an eyewitness, Seyifunmi Sunmola, the lady was displaying and acting like a mentally deranged in the area around 4:37pm on Sunday, 25th May. As soon as she observed that people have ignored her, she quickly moved into a house in the vicinity to pick a little child who was all alone at home.

She was caught by a vigilant resident. After she was seriously molested, the lady eventually confessed that she was sane and that she does not suffer from any mental illness.
She also confessed that she wanted to sell the child in order to make ends meet. She also revealed that her kidnapping squad is made up of six women who journey between Enugu to Ijebu-Ode for the sole purpose of kidnapping children...

Other eyewitnesses also revealed that new Naira notes summing up to about N150,000 was discovered with  the lady. When asked where she got the money from, she said she sold a child to someone and that was her  part of her payment for the deal.

Policemen later intervened and saved the lady from the angry mob. She has been taken to the station.

Check Out The Mess This Bad Guy Is Doing With His Mum

I don't know how to described this mess. What's our world turning into, mum & son? See his tweet below...

Crazy mother and son!
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