Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Photos: Cinderella Plastic Surgery Now On The Rise! Helps Reshape Feet Into Dream Shoes

Pinching, wrapping, corseting, shaving, painting, waxing, highlighting, tattooing, glossing, Spanxing, and surgically enhancing seem not to be enough for women any more. There’s a new procedure in town called the “Cinderella” surgery and the goal is to re-shape women’s feet to fit into their favorite pair of shoes. 
Dr. Ali Sadrie, simply alters your foot to the shape of a shoe you want to wear, but can’t. The surgery helps in reshaping your feet to fit the heels of your dreams so you could walk on.
Other foot procedures include the “Perfect 10″ where toes are cut off and reshaped to fit into smaller shoes, or the “Model T” where toes are actually somehow lengthened to fit into larger ones. Shockingly reports says the surgeries are now on the rise.

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