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Peter Okoye Acquires 2014 Bentley Continental GT

Although the car is still at the dealer’s shop in Atlanta, Peter tweeted the picture and said he is sure Lola would be jealous of his new baby. Who won’t lol. Big congrats to him.

Sexy or trashy, Her see-through outfit

It seems to be fun for our ladies to go naked in public this days, rate then with one simple word..

Ladies, Are These Big B00bs A Burden or Blessing?

The Komolafes are blessed with a set of identical twin girls, Taiye and Kehinde. The girls are not only fair and tall, they are well endowed in the chest region. But despite their striking resemblance, the twins are poles apart in terms of character and way of life. They perceive their bodies differently.

While Taiye, who is an extrovert, believes that her bust is an asset and never fails to flaunt it, Kehinde on her part is an introvert and thinks otherwise about her boobs.
Kehinde believes because of her busts, most men lust after her instead of falling in love with her. She said: “I would have preferred if my bre'asts were smaller but I would never go under the surgeon’s knife. One major reason why I don’t like my big bust is that men tend to see me as a séx object. Most times, they don’t want to find out anything about me other than having a feel of my b00bs.”
But Taiye, now a graduate and currently doing her youth service, said:

They were not so noticed by men until they grew up to be mature girls in their neighbourhood. She said that the attention they got especially from boys after they passed puberty surprised and intrigued her.

“While growing up, we were never given much attention. We were just like regular girls in a crowd until we began to develop boobs after our secondary school. When we fully developed as big-breasted girls, we were first surprised by the attention we got especially from guys and I soon got used to it. Sometimes, I used it to my advantage. In the university, I had male friends who would help me with assignments just because they wanted to hang out with me,” Taiye told Saturday Breeze.

She however said that it surprised her till date that her sister, Kehinde, had not come to terms with the fact that their big bust is a blessing from God and not a burden. She argued that God would not have made them identical twins if He didn’t mean to bless them.

Her twin sister, Kehinde, regards their big busts as a burden rather than a blessing. Apart from complaining of constant physical pains in the back, Kehinde believes the bust are the major reason why most boys make all kinds of amorous advances towards them.

Kehinde explained that over time, she has come to learn how to differentiate between men who are really interested in her and those who lust after her body.

Apart from this, she said getting her bra size and lingerie is difficult for her.

“When men engage in conversation with me, they stare at my b00bs and some get carried away. But when I hold a conversation with a man and he looks at my face all through, I know that he is someone who is really interested in me,” she explained.

Eva Okon, a university student, told Saturday Breeze that she would gladly go under the surgeon’s knife to get her bust enlarged. But Olawunmi Adegboyega, a banker, said given the chance, she would reduce hers.

Eva Okon said, “I like my body especially my breasts. They make me feel beautiful. I know that they are large but sometime in the future, I would want them to be bigger. They are definitely a blessing to me; I like the attention I get from men because of them.”

Olawunmi said, “I got attention from even people I did not want to be associated with in the university. Apart from men constantly disturbing me, the weight of the breasts affects me physically. I feel backache at times but my doctor often advises me to relax more. I also have bra stripe marks that never seem to fade off.”

Interestingly, while ladies are really concerned about their bust size, men are not indifferent. They said they loved busty ladies who they called “real African women.”

Wale Olugbenro told Saturday Breeze he is usually attracted to women with big bust. “I think busty women are the real African women. My wife is quite busty and I really love that aspect of her. I love the fact that I have something to play with when we are copulating,” Olugbenro said.

Festus Akanador, a computer engineer said that the bigger the better. “I like them big. You would be amazed what fun one can have with a big bre'ast.”

Being busty has been a blessing to some Nigerian entertainers. Leading the pack is Cossy Orjiakor, who shot to fame after she featured in fuji musician, Abass Obesere’s Apple Juice video. Ever since then, the young lady has been a popular figure due to her big bossom.

Another female entertainer that is greatly endowed in the chest region is Foluke Daramola-Salako. She once told our correspondent in an interview that while growing up, she was not proud of her bust size.

Foluke said, “At the initial stage I used to be ashamed of myself. Then, I would wear clothes that would not make my bust noticeable. I tried everything I could to hide them. Subsequently, I read a book that said the best admirer you have is yourself and the way you carry yourself is how people would take you. I had to psyche myself to love it. After I did so, I noticed that I was getting advances from people I did not even expect.

“Being a deep thinker, I always looked at the advantage of everything; I saw that it was something I could not change, so I had to make the best out of it. I got it into my sub-conscious that it was a plus than a minus. I have had reasons to talk to a lot of people that are busty and do not appreciate themselves. They now see it as an asset than a liability.”

Nollywood Icon Amaka Igwe Is Dead

Nigerian film-maker and Nollywood icon Amaka Igwe has shockingly passed on at 51. The sad incident occurred yesterday in Enugu where she had gone, in company of her husband, for pre-production preparations for a new Igbo soap.
She suffered an asthma attack and was immediately rushed to the hospital after initial interventions had failed. She passed on before getting to the hospital.
Mrs Igwe is survived by her husband of 21 years Charles Igwe, three children, an aged mother, siblings and a large extended family.
She was an accomplished writer, producer, director, entrepreneur and teacher. She was also the founder of BoBTV Expo, founder and CEO of Top Radio 90.9FM, Amaka Igwe Studios, and the newly-launched Q Entertainment Networks. May her soul rest in peace.

Hi guys please am sorry I won't be back until evening, we are having a family function and I have to be physically involved. It's about my Grand mom and she insists i stay. Don't know why o, cus i already put things in place for her, but she insists i must still stay. She's 80 though and i love her to bits.

Now i owe you guys an exclusive when i come back, hehehe it will be a coded one though, but it will spice up your day. Muah......

APC Chieftain who battered wife arrested by Sagamu police

The APC chieftain, Bashorun Bayo Awosanya, who battered his wife at their residence in Sagamu on Easter Sunday April 20th (read here) after an argument was arrested yesterday April 28th by the Ogun State police command.
"The suspect personally reported himself to the Sagamu Divisional Police Officer, CSP Lawal Adebowale, around 0800hrs due to arrest warrants issued and pressure mounted on him to show up before he would be publicly declared wanted by the police" the PPRO of the Ogun State Command in a statement.
He was later transferred to the Department of Criminal Investigation for further questioning. Ogun State police say they plan to charge him to court.

If you have a violent husband, you can actually get him arrested and locked up. Nigerian police now take domestic violence serious. If your spouse bribe their way out of an arrest, contact NGOs that cater for battered women and they will take up your case. Domestic violence needs to stop!

Photos: Cinderella Plastic Surgery Now On The Rise! Helps Reshape Feet Into Dream Shoes

Pinching, wrapping, corseting, shaving, painting, waxing, highlighting, tattooing, glossing, Spanxing, and surgically enhancing seem not to be enough for women any more. There’s a new procedure in town called the “Cinderella” surgery and the goal is to re-shape women’s feet to fit into their favorite pair of shoes. 
Dr. Ali Sadrie, simply alters your foot to the shape of a shoe you want to wear, but can’t. The surgery helps in reshaping your feet to fit the heels of your dreams so you could walk on.
Other foot procedures include the “Perfect 10″ where toes are cut off and reshaped to fit into smaller shoes, or the “Model T” where toes are actually somehow lengthened to fit into larger ones. Shockingly reports says the surgeries are now on the rise.

Boyfriend Exposes Big Girl's Private Photos, Leaks Online

This is another case of sweet love turn sour. The guy was seriously saving money, planning to marry his babe in few months, only to be shown clips of she and a Sugar Daddy doing things. The guy couldn't hold himself:

He has been expossing the private pictures of his girlfriend that his friends showed tp him on the social media. #loveiswicked

Why I don't live with my husband' - Ronke Oshodi Oke

Yoruba actress Ronke Ojo popularly known as Ronke Oshodi Oke, has explained why she and her husband don't live together...despite the fact that they both live in Lagos. Ronke's husband, Anthony Gbolahan, who she married in January 2009, lives in Surulere, while Ronke lives in Ijaiye, Lagos. Explaining the arrangement, Ronke said the reason she doesn't live in Surulere with her husband is because the area is too populated. She refuted reports that they live apart because their marriage is in trouble...
"If you have a partner or spouse who is your friend, you will understand each other very well. Fine, I am a reserved person and on the other hand I am also into showbiz. So for me to manage these things, you have to be in a reserved person. For instance when you are going out or coming in, nobody knows your movement. Secondly I am friendly but I don't really like crowd. My husband likes Surulere, he is a Surulere person. I like surburbs like Abule-Egba, Ijaiye area and so on. So both of us know how to manage the situation. Continue...
Whenever I say I am going to Surulere, I just go there to catch fun, see people and things I love to see. But the fact remains even if I am in Surulere, people don't really know I am there because I don't go out. I am not an outgoing person. Most of the events you see me, its either I am invited as a Master of Ceremony or the celebrant is my friend. Anytime I don't go out and I am not on set, I go to my husband's place in Surulere and he understands me very well. All these kidnappings here and there, one needs to be very careful. When they kidnap your child and they say they need ransom, what would you do? So we know how we manage the situation. He also comes to Ijaiye where I live. That's where my mum lives" she said.
When asked if her marriage was in trouble as being speculated, she responded;
"There is nothing wrong with my marriage. That's how people are just feeling. Recently City People magazine celebrated me. I received an award. My husband was there with me. So if there was anything wrong with our union, would he be there? Things like that you can't hide them from the public. I just believe people only like fabricating issues for whatever reason or reasons best known to them" she said

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Is Peter Okoye's Wife The Cause of P'Square Break Up? Here's What She Has To Say

Since I reported the story of the big crises in the P'Square house last week, a lot has been said about the wife of one of the twin brothers, Peter Okoye. Many people are accusing his wife, Lola Omotayo, of trying to turn him against his own family and all sort.

Someone even said she is the one instigating Peter Okoye to collect his own money and property out of their joint account so that she will have access to spend the money as she likes. She is also not spared on the social media where some tribalist have called her a "bad wife" who is after their brother's money.

But how is Lola taking all the insult and name calling from her husband's people?

She believes a real wife doesn't make noise and would rather sue for peace quietly than join issues with those, in her estimation, who doesn't know half of what she's really going through but are quick to judge her.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Helen Ukpabio deported from the UK

'Apostle' Helen Ukpabio, the founder of Liberty Foundation Gospel Ministries based in Calabar, has been deported from the UK by the British government after deeming her presence in the country a risk to youngsters. (Modupe Ariyo is the Executive Director of Africa Unite Against Child Abuse) 

The 'witch hunter' who wrote in her book ‘Unveiling The Mysteries of Witchcraft’, that "If a child under the age of two screams in the night, cries and is always feverish with deteriorating health he or she is a servant of Satan", was deported last week after campaigners called on UK Home Secretary to deport and ban her from the UK for leading the spread of witch hunting in Nigeria, especially amongst children, some of whom have suffered torture and even killed. (Read that here) 

Helen, who was in the UK on tour to promote her belief in witchcraft and offer help to those ‘under threat’ from the wizardry, was not only deported, there are also reports that she has been banned from entering the UK until further notice.

Man Wants To Marry Ice Prince Ex-Girlfriend and Wants Him To Perform At Their Wedding

This is funny, but nothing is new under the sun. Anyway, Ice Prince is confused. The man is serious that he want him to perform at his wedding to a lady that Ice Prince once dated. But should he take money to perform?

PHOTOS: Cossy Allow Her Friend Suck Her Oranges At A Party

While many were celebrating the Easter Sunday in sober reflection, Cossy took her craze to another level at the Caliente Nite Club Bunny Party as she opened her oranges for a lady to suck. Check out pix below:

...she is really enjoying her trade. Damn!

Parents kept daughter in cage for 3 years because she suffered from convulsion

Channels TV tells a story of how parents in Bayelsa state kept their 16 year old daughter in a cage for three years because she suffered from convulsion. Read full story below...
A regular visitor to the home of Mr Selekeowei Olokumo, in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, Nigeria’s South-South region, would probably have noticed a small make shift building directly opposite his one bedroom apartment which could easily be mistaken for a generator cage.
To think it is a place where he stores his old and worn out property would not be out of place, as it was haphazardly built with wood and carton on what could be seen as a semi refuse dump site.
It was a feeling of shock when Channels Television realised that it was not for keeping his generator or other items but where his 16-year old daughter, Blessing Olokumo, had called home for almost three years.
Blessing is the 6th out of the 16 children of Mr and Mrs Olokumo; a twin who has no relationship with her twin sister, not because her twin sister was dead. she is simply ashamed of being associated with her.

She is not leprous, neither is she affected by any contagious disease. She is just a child who had convulsion when she was three years old and was not properly monitored by the medical doctors, so instead of outgrowing it as most children of her age would probably have done, she has since been battling with the condition.

One would expect her parents to be sympathetic to her plight and treat her with more care and attention, but the reverse has been the case, as Blessing is being treated with utmost disdain by those who are supposed to love her more.

She has been tagged the evil child, accused of being responsible for the death of her immediate siblings who were also twin girls. She has been abandoned by her parents in a cage for almost three years and left to God to decide her fate.

Luck smiled on Blessing when members of the Mary Slessor Twin Foundation, a foundation focused on the welfare of people of multiple birth heard of her plight and decided to intervene. She was rescued on January 25, 2014 in a very bad condition and has since been on admission at the Niger Delta Teaching Hospital, Okolobiri.

Blessing’s father, a security guard at the Niger Delta Teaching Hospital, Okolobiri was asked how he could do such to his flesh and blood. He simply stated without remorse that he was tired of looking after the girl.

“Why I kept her in this house is that when she defecates and urinates, she soils the whole house when the mother and myself are not around. So there’s nothing I can do again. I now isolated her from the apartment I’m living”, he said.

While one may be tempted to call her dad wicked, heartless and much more, one wonders what words would be adequate to describe her mother, Mrs Bernice Olokumo, a petty trader, who accused her daughter of being responsible for the death of her younger siblings who were also twin girls.

On her relationship with her daughter, she simply said she was afraid of her and appeals to the Government and other people of goodwill to come take Blessing from them, as they were tired of fending for their own child.

To ascertain the present condition of Blessing, Channels Television paid her a visit at the hospital and met a transformed girl. Gone were the tiny frame, bony knee and sunken eyes. A cheerful, robust and well fed child was what she had become, after just three months of love and care.

On the way forward regarding her medical bills and her future, efforts to speak with the doctors proved futile, but the President of the Mary Slessor Twin Foundation, Mr Ebitei Roberts, spoke.
“What we are working on is that after now when she is discharged, we want to take her to maybe a motherless babies’ home or any special school to rehabilitate her. With the way we are seeing things, if we take her back to the family, they will take her back to where she was and we don’t want that to repeat itself because we have spent money.”

The foundation has since lodged a formal complaint with the Police and the welfare department of the State Ministry of Women Affairs. The complaints list criminal charges of child abduction, inhuman treatment, child molestation and failure to enrol a child for proper education.

Culled from Channels TV

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter message to the nation from President Jonathan

Easter message from Mr President..
Dear Compatriots,
I greet you all, especially our Christian brothers and sisters who are celebrating Easter and commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ today. 
As we join Christians in other countries of the world in celebrating Easter this year, I urge all Nigerians to reflect on the significance of its lessons of piety, obedience to higher authorities, self sacrifice for the good of others, redemption, salvation, deliverance, renewal and the ultimate triumph of good over evil.
These lessons of Easter and other injunctions on brotherly love, peaceful co-existence, tolerance, honesty, humility, justice, equity and fairness to all without discrimination contained in the Gospels are of particular importance to us as a nation as we continue to contend with the challenges of nation-building and development.

As our Christian compatriots celebrate the Messiah’s   triumph over death and all that it connotes, let us all renew our faith and confidence in our ability as a people to overcome all obstacles, challenges and threats to national progress and well-being, including terrorism and other criminal attacks on our people in some parts of the country.

My belief in our ability to overcome all retrogressive and divisive forces in our midst and build a strong, united and prosperous nation by turning our unique diversity into a source of strength remains unshaken and we will continue to work with all interest groups and stakeholders in the country to achieve the peaceful, secure and politically stable conditions essential for rapid socio-economic development.

In spite of the evil machinations of terrorists, criminals and their collaborators, our Administration remains ardently focused on efforts to successfully execute the Federal Government’s Agenda for National Transformation and achieve sustained development.

We have already made notable advances in this regard. As a result of our efforts and those of previous administrations, the Nigeria economy is now the largest in Africa and the 26th largest in the world.

But we cannot afford to rest on our oars. Much remains to be done and we will continue to count on the patriotic support of all Nigerians as we strive to achieve more inclusive economic growth, generate more national wealth and create more employment opportunities to meet the demands of our increasingly youthful population.

I commend the leadership and delegates to the ongoing National Conference, the vast majority of who have shown a patriotic and praiseworthy commitment to national unity, peace and progress built on justice, fairness and equity for all component parts of the country.

As the Conference breaks into committees to continue its deliberations, it remains our hope and expectation that the end result will be meaningful and enduring contributions towards strengthening national unity and fulfilling our collective desire for a better and greater nation.

Once again, I extend heartfelt commiserations to all the families who have sadly lost loved relatives in recent terrorist attacks.

Our thoughts and sympathies remain with all those who have suffered injuries from the heinous attacks. We  pray for their speedy recovery and shall keep on doing everything possible to assist them with required medical services and material support.

Our Armed Forces and security agencies will continue to do their very best to curb such attacks and restore full security to all parts of our beloved country.

But we must all become more alert and vigilant, and do all that we can to give them the fullest possible assistance, support and cooperation they require to achieve more effective protection of lives and property across the country.

We shall continue to count on your support and prayers for greater peace, harmony, progress and prosperity in Nigeria.

May God Almighty bless our dear nation and guide us, always.
Happy Easter to you all.
Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, GCFR
President, Federal Republic of Nigeria

You Need To See this mind-blowing hairstyles of Namibia's Himba tribeswomen (See Photos)

Himba lifestyle catches the eye, it's the elaborate hairstyles that really set them apart. Himba women use a lot of different things, including hair and straw, to create their dreadlocks,'
According to the photographer Eric Lafforgue,A young girl typically has two plaits of braided hair called ozondato, the form of which is decided by her oruzo - the clan she is descended from on her father's side.'
You Like???

Revealed: The Bad Things MTN Is Doing To Their Workers

I received this SOS message from an MTN staff who took her time to lay out their sufferings:

Dear Sirs/ Ma
Please I will like to bring to your notice the mismanagement and ill treatment of customer care representatives in Nigeria especially the call center. which is tantamount to corporate slavery by the Online management team and the CCRS service providers. Kindly note that they are termed Independent service provider because they claimed they are not MTN staff nor are they staff of their service providers. But they are been managed by Vendor Management. Please can anyone tell us who vendor management are because they are the ghost running the call center.
Please will anyone tell me of the organization that does not intimate their staff of the salary to be paid monthly and the analysis/breakdown of salary paid? Because different numerations was paid in February and March.

Since January 13th, 2014, Online Management Team increased the work days of call center agents from 4days to 5days without disclosing salary to be paid. they never intimated the agents of the change in schedule but a mail was sent on the 11th of January by Online Vendor management stating the effect/compliance of the schedule on 13th of January. The salary to be paid will only be disclosed by this month end, meaning they are not confident of the salary to be paid. That is why it is kept a secret. 
Please is it right for an employee not to know the breakdown/analysis of salary to be paid three months down the line? [Old] salaries was paid on 26th & 27th of February and in March salaries was paid on the 29th.

Despite the so-called segmentation of the CCRS, their earnings before they were segmented was far better off. Even now some of the CCRS are picking calls beyond their segments.Trainings is been given to call center agents where nine hours of their time is taken but they are been paid for six hours is this not tantamount to robbery of the agents. this is a dubious payment act. At least a break down of their salaries is to be given to them which was done before. they claimed the salary is fixed but invoice are sent to calculate hours worked without specifying what is paid per hour which was done before now.
The payment of Overtime was scrapped meaning when you work on public holidays you are been paid normal rates as regular days, the payment for day shift and night is same rate which is not done anywhere. the CCRS are not allowed to bid nor trade their schedule to afford for flexibility because that is what shift jobs are meant to be to give the individuals time to run their lives but that has been struck out.Many cannot afford to go back to school because they Twelve paid days leave and Six unpaid for the year and with the trading and bidding of schedules they trade with colleagues to go to school and do other things conveniently.

Alot of call center agents are been robbed daily on Apapa road due to traffic. An agent was stabbed during robbery attack in the face and arm which was posted on the social medias in February some have died and many had miscarriages. The management care less about the agents welfare and security but about their selfish ambitions and targets to frustrate the old agents so as to fire them or make them resign so as to employ new hands to pay peanuts. they are riding on the wings of unemployment in the country.and many are ill because of the crazy schedule which they are not concerned about.

Please note that Agents in VGC demonstrated when salary was paid in Janurary.

Enforcement of the new schedule is been monitored by Task Masters namely the so called Shift Leads that betrayed their colleagues in supporting the management in the implementation of the said rules. they sold their consciences for salary increment. the margin is far apart to that of the other agents.

Been sick on duty or calling in sick is tantamount to absenteeism and you will not be paid for it. at a time they were asked to send mails before going to the restroom. it is an of fence to charge phones, power bank, laptop etc in the office. Also note that last year march the agents been managed by MEMCOS (MTN co-operatives) and now CNSSL were forced to go get tax id with their personal monies when the contractors that managed them were deducting #5000 tax from the agents salary failed to do same. The CCRS that didn't comply were sacked. the so-called contractors are making more monies from each agents annually than the agents themselves. One Hundred naira (#100) is been deducted from every agent salary managed by CNSSL monthly and Two hundred and ten naira (#210) is been deducted for short payment when money is been refunded.

NOTE: there was such enslavery occurence in Jos some years back where agents were under paid by CNNSL and the Online Management team is still patronizing them if they don't have hidden agenda and it was for this reason the agents protested and the call center was shut down. The management of CNSSL are in charge of Mayfair CCRS and they were the one that were used as the cadaver of undue labour. And the salaries deducted from CNSSL CCRS was paid as bonus to the CCRS in Mayfair in February. The christmas gift been given to Staff in Nigeria was converted to money last year, while other service providers paid their representatives in November, CNSSL paid their Representatives in December and also taxed them on the money.

Every month One thousand nine hundred and fifty naira is deducted from the agents salaries for Medicals (THT) multiplied by the numbers of agents signed up by the agents. And they are a times not allowed to use the hospitals of their choice.

Team building has been cancelled and agents now conrtibute money to go for team building. Mother friendly schedule has been shortened to six months instead of one year

Thorough investigations must be carried out because the Manager Peter Nwaeke,and Partners like Cecilia Olugbenga-Kayode, Clement Aligbe, Lovelyn Madu and Jerry Aghahomovo in Apapa are running the call center like a primary school threatening the agents and slaves. Their rights are been trampled on and which i feel is not fair. The New S M (Nike Jagun) is going by what they tell her. i feel the Organisation has critically look at the situation because an happy and satisfied employee will deliver excellence and also make customers happy.

Enough is enough of the corporate slavery. so i will like the management to critically take this matter up because this act is really affecting the performance of the representatives and so as not to tarnish the image of this great organization and kill the zeal of performance in them . it is time to stop this madness.

Regards - Freda

Check Out Davido Helping Himself With Garri and Groundnut

Poverty is a thing of the mind. Most average guys only settle for drinking garri when the are broke but the rich drink it out of choice and they even enjoy it more. See other rich Nigerians drinking garri below:

...obviously, Baba Iyabo loves drinking garri but it seems Dino Melaye is a new convert. lol!

Heart Breaking! How A Lagos DPO Raped Me- 31 Year Old Mother Of Two Narrates Her Story

A 31-year-old cook, Idowu Akinwunmi, has narrated how the Divisional Police Officer in charge of Onikan Station, SP Adekunle Awe, allegedly raped, extorted and threatened her life.
The victim told PUNCH Metro that the incident occurred on April 15, 2014. She explained that  on April 14 she was arrested by the police for “spurious” reasons.
She said, “I work at an eatery on Keffi Street, Obalende, as a cook. The eatery also has a tailor’s shop in the compound and it belongs to the same person. There is also a quarters where we all live in the compound.

“Most of the workers are from Cotonou, Benin Republic. On Monday, a popular customer, known as Friday, came to eat. He later left, but some moments later, he returned to say he could not get a bus home.
“Friday had been making advances at me, but we were not a couple. I allowed him to sleep over.”
Akinwunmi said around 1am, her boss, who discovered that someone was sleeping over, called the police to arrest her and Friday.
She said two other people, who slept over at the tailors’ quarters were also rounded up.
She said, “My madam called policemen to arrest all of us.  I had only a pair of shorts, a shirt and a wrapper on. I had N11, 000 in my pocket and my phone was not with me. On getting to the station, I got the phone of a policewoman and used it to call one of the tailors to come and help.
“In the morning of Tuesday, two tailors, Ben and Matthias, arrived to bail out their friends, but they were also arrested, bringing our total number to six.”
The victim said a few hours later, she felt sticky and pleaded with a policewoman on duty to allow her have a bath.
She said she could not use the shower because it was too filthy, adding that on her way out, she met the DPO for the first time.
She said, “I met the DPO along the corridor. He asked me what happened and I explained everything to him.
“Around 10pm on Tuesday, the DPO sent a policeman to call Friday and I. I was wearing boxers and a top. I stayed at the counter and Friday went in to see the DPO. A few minutes later, Friday came out and the DPO called me in.
“The DPO said he could make sure that I spent the rest of my life in jail, but I begged him. He then came close to me and started rubbing his hands all over my body but I rejected his advances.
“He said my boss had told him that he could do whatever he wanted to do with me. He said since I was from Benin Republic, if he killed me, nothing would happen.
“He said he would also make sure that the remaining five suspects would be sent to prison. At this point, the DPO had already taken off his clothes. Since I was afraid for my life, I allowed the DPO to have his way.
“I begged him to use a condom, but he refused. He pushed me to a smaller room in his office and put me on the bed and had sex with me. Immediately after he had finished, he told me to shower in a bathroom inside his office.”
The mother of two told PUNCH Metro that the DPO promised to ensure that she was released the next morning and ordered a policeman to take her back into the cell.
Akinwunmi said when she returned to the cell, she cried through the night. She said the following morning, she told some female police officers about the incident.
She said when her people came to bail her from the station, the DPO asked one Inspector Taiwo to bring her to his office.
 “The DPO gave me his telephone number and asked for mine, but I didn’t give it to him. He then said I could leave and promised that no one would collect bail money from us. However, on getting to the counter, the policemen on duty collected N30, 000 from us,” she said.
Our correspondent learnt that the victim immediately went to the Lagos Island Maternity Clinic to do a test.
A copy of the medical report, signed by one Dr. R. A. Seriki, stated, “A complaint of sexual assault: General clinical condition satisfactory; no laceration, no bruises, no areas of hyperemia, negative for HIV 1 and 2, pregnancy negative. Has been placed on PEP and emergency contraception.”
The matter was said to have been reported at the Area A Police Command, Lion Building, after which the Area Commander, ACP Imohimi Edgal, invited the victim for interrogation.
PUNCH Metro learnt that the matter had been transferred to the office of the Commissioner of Police.
The Director, Project Alert on Violence Against Women, Dr. Josephine Effah-Chukwumah, urged the police to handle the matter seriously.
She said, “The fact that there were no bruises does not mean that rape did not occur. The moment there is a direct threat to life on the condition of sex, the offence is rape. It is unacceptable.”
Meanwhile, the Network on Police Reform in Nigeria has petitioned the National Human Rights Commission over the alleged rape of Akinwunmi.
The petition, dated April 16 2014 and signed by NOPRIN’s National Coordinator, Mr. Okechukwu Nwagunma, read in part, “We were informed that she (Akinwunmi) was detained in the cell…
“She said that Awe forcefully had carnal knowledge of her without protection after which he threatened to send her to prison.”
The petition added that Akinwunmi was released after some policemen at the Onikan police station had extorted money from her.
It was gathered that  the Police Service Commission had received copies of the petition, while the Lagos Office of the NHRC had been directed to investigate the complaint.
When contacted, the Special Adviser to the Executive Secretary of the NHRC, Mr. Henry Obe, said, “Yes we received a petition concerning the rape of a woman by a Lagos DPO.
“The case was forwarded to the NHRC Lagos office today for investigation.”
When Awe was  contacted, he denied the allegation, saying it was all falsehood.
He said, “That allegation is totally false; I am aware of it. But I cannot talk now because I am driving.
“I am on my way to the Lagos Police Command. I will call you when I am through.”
The  state Police Public Relations Officer, Ngozi Braide, could not be reached for comment.
Calls made to her phone were not answered.

Also text messages sent to the phones were not responded to as of the time of going to the press by 9pm.
Culled From Punch 

Armed Guys Invade University Hostel, Rapé Female Students

Sources say it's because the boys have been passing through a bush path close to the girls hostel and watching them take their bath outside, others say it's a case of armed robbery that led to rapé of the girls.

According to information reaching Olokunbolablessing.Com, armed guys in the early hours of Friday unleashed terror on the students of the Osun State University, Osogbo, at their different private hostels located close to the main campus of the university.

The guys extorted money, laptops, expensive phones before they decided to touch the girls...
The robbers were said to have stormed the hostels with dangerous weapons and cry out their deadly act with impunity. They also dispossessed some male students around of their valuables.

Sources say the guys rapé many of the female students around and moves by male students to launch counter attack on the robbers were unsuccessful due to the kind of ammunition the robbers carried.

Chelsea Clinton is Pregnant

Chelsea Clinton, 34, the daughter of former US President Bill Clinton and former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is pregnant with her first child.  
"Mark and I are very excited that we have our first child arriving. I certainly feel all the better whether it's a girl or a boy that she or he will grow up in a world full of so many strong young female leaders. I just hope that I will be as good a mom to my child... as my mother was to me," she said.

We Are Still Together P-Square React To Breakup Rumours

P-Square’s publicist, Bayo Adetu has debunked the rumour that P-square and their elder brother Jude, who also doubles as their manager have ended their working relationship. Bayo said neither are the twin brothers breaking up, nor is Jude leaving them. He said;

I am too busy to give some wanna be blogger traffic, I don’t know where that report is coming from. Maybe they just want to get traffic to their site. It’s baseless and untrue.

El-Rufai tweets pic of GEJ jubilating at Kano rally day after blast

The former FCT minister shared this pic on his timeline, criticizing President Jonathan's decision to attend a PDP rally in Kano a day after over 100 people were killed in a bomb blast in Abuja and over 100 girls abducted from a secondary school in Chibok, Borno. He even circled GEJ dancing against a woman...lol. All these politicians and drama. But who agrees with El Rufai?

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

COSON Hits First Bank With 700M Naira Lawsuit

The Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON) at the Federal High Court in Lagos filed a seven hundred million naira (N700m) copyright infringement action against First Bank Plc on Tuesday.

In suit No. FHC/CS/L/530/2014 filed on behalf of COSON by Lagos IP lawyer, Mr. Justin Ige of Creative Legal, Seun Omotoba & Co, COSON is asking for the award of seven hundred million naira in unpaid royalties and damages against First Bank Plc for copyright infringement with respect to the unauthorized use of several musical works and sound recordings communicated to the public, deployed and exploited as marketing, promotional and advertising materials by First Bank Plc and contained in Sights and Sounds of Carnival Calabar.

COSON pleaded in its 29 paragraph Statement of Claim that First Bank Plc did not apply for or secure a license or any authorization whatsoever before exploiting, communicating to the public, publishing and deploying the musical works and sound recordings of its members and assignors as included in, reproduced and contained in the Sights and Sounds of Carnival Calabar and deployed by First Bank Plc in its marketing, promotion and advertising.

Speaking on the development, COSON Chairman, Chief Tony Okoroji said, ‘Let it be heard loud and clear, that COSON is determined to sanitize the copyright environment in Nigeria. No one is too big or too small to abide by the law. A lot of young Nigerians are investing their talents, time and money in creating the music which is making Nigeria famous across the world and they deserve to be respected. For anyone to exploit their creative ingenuity, the person must get appropriate permission. If a musician takes a loan from a bank without paying back, the bank will chase the musician to the ends of the world to recover the loan. What right does a bank have to use the property of the musician without payment or authorization?’’

Also reacting on the development, COSON General Manager, Mr. Chinedu Chukwuji, said, “Is it not hard to imagine why after being aware of the appropriate steps to take in the public communication of music, some people just find a way to kick against the law? Music is an investment and nobody treats lightly his investment. COSON will continue to ensure that the music industry in Nigeria is beneficial to all investors, foreign or local. We will see to it that the music pays no matter what tactics some music users may try to deploy in evading their obligations”.

New Media

Actress Ruth Kadiri Is The Most Beautiful Actress In Nollywood

Can you believe that Ruth Kadiri is not wearing any make up here? Even with make-up, some actresses are not as cute as she is without any. I can't think of that actress who looks this sweet. See her stuffs photos...

...fresh and beautiful!

PHOTOS: Séxy Model Tracy Ogbonna Flaunts Her Big Stuffs

Tracy Ogbona is a Naija babe based abroad and one special thing about her is she has the biggest ikebe, and in no circumstances should Daniella Okeke even compete with this séxy chic in the big bottom battle. She just released some new photos. Also see more of her rough stuff below...

...no Naija babe can compete with this load. lol!
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