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Cute Couple!!! Newly Wed Mr & Mrs Okoye Graces The Christmas Issue Of Genevieve Magazine


Mrs and Mrs Okoye coupled up on the Christmas issue of Genevieve magazine. Despite all the rumours about their relationship the couple have stood firm in their love and didn't fail to reveal it as they got married earlier this month.

Peter Okoye Fires Back At Emmy Collins For Dissing His Wedding Outfit. {Photos}

People who know Emmy Collins, know how good he is at dissing celebrities on his blog. Three days ago Emmy went on his blog to diss Peter okoye’s wedding outfit. 
Here’s what Emmy wrote on his blog:

''When Presidents visit me, I get queried by God'' -Prophet TB Joshua..

Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua of the Synagogue Church of all Nations spoke with Punch on myriads of controversies surrounding his person and ministry

People say that you are very humble despite your popularity, how do you achieve this?

If you have passed through what I have passed through, you will even be more humble than I am.

Like what?

Things that can make people to be humble. You just think of it. I have good health and God shows me what I would have been in terms of sickness and death; it humbles me and I want to use my good health for him. At times, God shows me how people are suffering and the thought that it could have been me keeps me humble. For instance, if I did anything wrong during this interview, when you may have left, God will caution me. If I am not humble, I will be out of track. If I was not in the house of God, I would be one of the touts in the motor parks (the Agberos)

'PDP will not let any Edo person ‘to go and die’ - PDP takes A swipe At Gov. Oshiomhole..Gives Widow 250,000!

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Edo State, has condemned the inhuman treatment meted out on a widow by the State Governor, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole. The video which has gone viral captured the erstwhile
comrade turned emperor, siezing the poor widows good for selling by the roadside. Despite pleas from the woman that she be pardoned, the governor kicked her goods and scornfully told her, "you are a widow, go and die"
The PDP in rescue of the widow has asked the widow to come to their office and get the sum of N250,000 to help cushion the effects her siezed goods will have on her. This was contained in a press release obtained by and signed by the state chairman, Dan Orbih.

I’m Sure You Wank So Hard At Chidinma’s Pics! Fans Tell SkukiPeeshaun On Twitter! Wow!!

Lol, these boys are not even smiling. I think fans who plan to go hard on celebrities these days need to think twice. The last time it was Iyanya who insulted a fan’s father for calling him gay. Few minutes ago a fan went hard on Skukipeeshaun who once said, he wished he could date Chidinma. The fan tweeted at him, and his other brother (@Skukivavavoom) and said ‘I am sure @skukipeeshaun wanks so hard at Chidinma’s pics. Lol. See how Peeshaun replied him, and what is brother Vavavoom also said below.
Then his brother came in too...

DON'T LAUGH: Nigeria's Got Talent Judge Falls Off Chair During Auditions | See Photos -


Nigeria's Got Talent season 2 premiered last weekend and people have been flooding the audition centres to display their talent.

During the audition in Calabar, Cross Rivers state, one of the judges, Dan Foster, Inspiration FM On Air personality fell on the fall laughing at one of the contestant's comedy presentation.
According to Dan Foster:

"I haven’t laughed this hard in quite a long time. Your jokes are almost as good as the ones that the professional comedians we have in the industry tell."


How does it feel to be a Problem?(A poetry)

Do we trod the famished road with the single hope of an oasis at the end? 

The desert sands shall give no mercy to a man of faith

Let us go then from the lands we baptised with pain
Let us, like Ulysses, set sail like the Vikings To mete and dole unequal laws upon a savage race.
Do we weep for the things unseen?
Tell me, my kinsman, how it feels to bring goodluck?
Even when ants have ecstatically ravaged your iron fence.
Tell me how it feels to drink from an oasis
In the patched mind of a thirsty traveller.
Do we weep for the roads not taken?
We saw the Kiama bridge and that which goes to Yenogoa
Do we require the gods to tell us where to go?
The soothsayers are out of business now

Madness( A poetry)


Love is soft
Like a butterfly
That flutters by.
Delicate and
Like the heart
Of a child.
Innocent… very innocent.
Yes like
A silly artist
It colours

A Country of Three

It was the first week in December, and primary schools were on Christmas break.
Children from the homes in the neighbourhood gathered in the playground. They divided themselves, unintentionally, into groups, based mainly on their age brackets.
“Let’s have a drama,” said a bespectacled boy about ten years of age.
“Okay. I want to be a soldier,” said another boy whose name was Yaro.
“I am the president’s wife,” said Maria, a pretty girl whom Yaro liked.
“Okay, Maria, then, I’ll be the president,” Yaro said.
“But you’re a soldier already,” Dele said, squinting through the thickness of his glasses. He continued,
“Remember, Mrs. Mafimisebi said that a soldier’s duty is to protect his country, not to rule it.”
Yaro’s young rage registered on his knitted brows. He feared that Dele would make Maria not want him to be the president anymore; he feared he couldn’t impress her with just a soldier’s camouflage. Yet she smiled when he looked at her, his heart started thumping in his chest, obstructing his airways. He had always wanted to be a soldier, like his father was, and wouldn’t give that up without a fight. He turned to Dele and asked,
“What do I have to do to be president?”

Our Angels 28

Our Angels 28

Desola was wheeled away for tests as soon as they arrived back at the hospital. His questions of, “Has she got a brain injury?” “Will she survive?” were ignored by the young-looking doctors rushing about.
“I didn’t notice the bruise on her head until she collapsed,” he told his brother-in-law. Her curly weave had done a good job of hiding the bruise. Although, his mind couldn’t settle, he knew that a sharp blow to the head could have caused her seizure. He had attended too many first aid trainings- thanks to the NHS- not to spot the signs. Signs he should have known were symptoms of head trauma had littered the night. She was unconscious when he found her in the house. Drowsy and lethargic later. A trembling Fausat confirmed that Desola banged her head during the scuffle with the armed men.

CRIME 101 Part One

 CRIME 101 Part One

    I’m way out of my league on this one. I thought and I was right. My mouth was parched dry, my heart pumping so hard and loud I was looking round just to be sure people weren’t hearing it pound in her cage. My heart’s a woman after all, she’s cowardly. My mum always said she wanted a girl, well she got one only in a male body. However she-heart or not, I’ve been pushed over the edge lately. They say a woman scorned has more fury than hell, everyone had better steer clear. It’s better to be on the devil’s side than to be in her path. In the meantime, I Was out of Ideas. What was I thinking? Why didn’t I think at all? Yes I got through the security door with the gun, banks these days are so lax about the metal detection thingy. Once there’s a crowd they let everyone through.

Nick Cannon comes for Kanye West on twitter

Kanye has been on a media blitz ranting about how he's a genius and the most impactful artist of this generation...blah blah blah. Nick Cannon took to Twitter to point out to Kanye that real geniuses don't have to announce it...

Trivia: They've both dated same women, super model Selita Ebanks and reality star Kim Kardashian. See more Tweets after the cut...

Divine Diary (part 1)

Divine diary
Yetunde recalled that fateful day her father was said to have bidden the world farewell.
She had just returned from school, alighting from a lorry returning to Kuti town from Igaolu village where her school was located. She observed there was crowd in front of her home. Iya Toun, her father’s aunt, used to sell akara then, and Yetunde thought there were many customers on that very day. She grew confused when she saw that there was no akara on the counter, and those people seemed to be their ‘face-me-I-face-you’ neigbours and those from the next house; they stood, huddling together in silence.
Some people seemed to be sitting with heads drooped like a withered plant beside Iya Toun whose face had already turned rivers of tears.
Some of the neigbours started shaking their heads as they sighted the little Yetunde whose charming face was covered in fear. She forced her way to where Iya Toun was sitting at the verandah and asked what the matter was.

Kim destroyed her credibility': Furious Kris Jenner 'demands intervention' after watching daughter Kim's tacky Bound 2 video with Kanye West

Kim destroyed her credibility': Furious Kris Jenner 'demands intervention' after watching daughter Kim's tacky Bound 2 video with Kanye West

Fashion photographer Nick Knight directed the controversial video for Bound 2, which shows Kim nuzzling into Kanye while simulating sex as he sings and raps about threesome and casual sex. 
Kardashian matriarch Kris reportedly watched the video two days before the general public and is understood to have been privately troubled by her topless antics with her fiancé. 

Error Call

Error Call
I looked at the number one more time as I clicked on the send button, watching the screen on my phone as the call connected.
Strange things sure do happen, I echoed to myself. I just couldn’t believe that the same ‘chick’ who wouldn’t give a hoot about me just wouldn’t stop laughing and telling me how funny she thinks I was or rather ‘Jide’ was.
I know you’re probably asking yourself, ‘what the f…is he talking about?’
I’ll tell you the story…
My name’s Frank and I ‘m talking about a friend in church who I recently began to take a more solid interest in, somehow it just didn’t click as she went from friendly to cold when we had a little misunderstanding…(wouldn’t want to bore you with all the details) but I think frankly, she considered me a bit boring.
Alone by myself one Friday evening…I had one of my numerous naughty ideas and before I could think it through I had dialed the number.

If Your Man Don't Have Cash, Don't Give Him Séx ––Femi Davies

 I don't know why people are beginning to equate sex with money these days. Do you think this is right?

Ice Prince Denied His Son From His Girlfriend: SEE His Reason

When the story of his girlfriend's pregnancy and delivery first broke, there were so many controversies in and around the issue as some of his close pals claimed that it wasn't only Ice Prince that was dating the lady and they had wondered why she, and whoever planned it with her, decided to tire it to the popular rapper.

Some of these issues forced Ice Prince to deny the lady and her baby. But all is well now and he has taken full custody and responsibility for his baby. Below is Ice Prince's position on the pregnancy saga:

Pastor TB Joshua Finally Opens Up on Jim Iyke’s Deliverance

Pastor TB Joshua in a rare interview with Punch opened up on Jim Iyke and allegations that he pays people to come and fakemiracles.He also said God queries him when he invites presidents to his church.
On Jim Iyke
Oh please, don’t drag me into that. All I can say is that if a person needs to see a doctor, he should be free to do so. I like the young man. He has been defending himself on the internet. Is he not enjoying a better life now? Are things not working for him?
On allegations he pays people to fake miracles

Meet The Man Tinubu Wants to Take Over as Governor in Lagos

Strong indications have emerged that the leadership of All Progressives Congress in Lagos have acquiesced to the request of Christians in the state for a Christian governor in 2015. The candidate of choice is Ayo Gbeleyi, the present Commissioner of Finance in the administration of quintessential Governor Babatunde Fashola.

The decision to present a Christian candidate emerged after due consultations with eminent Christian leaders and clerics who have promised to mobilise other faithfuls to vote enmasse for the party if a Christian emerges as gubernatorial candidate in the state. The leadership of the APC, after a thorough search, have found a willing and reliable Christian candidate in Ayo Gbeleyi, a thoroughbred professional known for his exceptional brilliance and intelligence.

I’m Ready To Act Nude – Nollywood Actress Queeneth Hilbert

Read what she told a report below…
Where are you from? 
I am from Nigeria.
What part of Nigeria are you from?
I think the fact that I said I’m from Nigeria is okay. Anyway my father is Lebanese while my mother is from Ebonyi State.
Would you mind acting semi-núde, or being specific, on pánt and brá?
I don’t mind, if the money is right, why not? The problem with Nigerians is that most of us are hypocrites. This same pánt and brá is the reason some of them buy or rent Hollywood movies. What is wrong in someone being free, doing his or her job? Some actresses would want to act a role but they will be like, I don’t want to be criticized. I don’t believe in all that.

Omotola, Donjazzy, named among 2013 Africa's 100 Most Influential People

Actress Omotola Jalade Ekeinde, music producer Don Jazzy, writer Chimama Adichie and musicians P-Square have been named one of Africa's 100 Most Influential People in 2013 by the New African Magazine

Other Africans in the list include Ghanaian/US actor Idris Elba, Nigerian/UK actor Chiwetel Ejiofor, Sudan supermodel Alek Wek, South African comedian Trevo Noah, South African fashion mogul, Precious Moloi-Motsepe and Senegalese actor Omar Sy. Well deserved. See the full list HERE

90% Of People Who Come Here Come To Confirm If The Church Is Truly Devilish- Prophet TB Joshua

Prophet TB Joshua is a man of God who a lot of people have criticized in the past and are still criticizing. In this new interview with Punch, the prophet explained why people think his church is devilish, how they have been managing the negative criticism and why his church is more popular outside Nigeria than in Nigeria. Continue below.

Why is it that your ministry seems to be more popular outside Nigeria than in Nigeria?
As it is written in the Bible, a prophet has no honour in his country. I am not an evangelist or a pastor, I am a prophet. If my people had understood the work from the beginning, it could have affected the glory of God in my life today.

The Okoye boys in South Africa for the Channel O awards

This is the first pic of Jude Okoye with his brothers Peter and Paul Okoye since his absence at Peter's wedding to Lola two weeks ago. Peter has since said reports that his family does not support his marriage to Lola Omotayo is ridiculous.

He told Encomuim magazine;
"I saw some of those reports and was full of laughter. Everybody is just laughing because the reports are like comedy to us. Honestly, there is no iota of truth in the rumour. But it’s one of the prices you pay as a celebrity, so I remain focused.

Saheed Balogun Drags Estranged Wife, Fathia Balogun To Court Over Name

Saheed and Fathia Balogun have called it quit long before now. But Saheed isn’t finding it funny that Fathia still bears his name-Balogun. Saheed last year threatened that Fathia should stop using his name, but that fell on the actress’ deaf ears. In an interview shortly after Saheed asked her to stop using his name, Fathia said, “I laugh, my name is Fathia Balogun and it’s going to remain Balogun; nobody can ever change that and nobody can stop me from answering that name.” 

The case is now in court.

I was forced to masturbate in front of teammates" - David Beckham

Retired footballer David Beckham recently revealed that he was forced to masturbate in front of his teammates as part of his initiation into Manchester United's youth team in 1991.

Beckham, who opened up about the incident in a documentary titled The Class of ’92, said the incident happened when he was just 16 years old. He said he was forced to stare at a calendar photo of eighties Reds soccer player Clayton Blackmore (pictured right) and pleasure himself, while his teammate watched, as part of an embarrassing hazing ritual.

Church Of England To Bless Gay Couples

The Archbishops of Canterbury and York yesterday published the Report of the House of Bishops Working Group on Human Sexuality.

And according to it, gay couples should be allowed to have their relationships blessed in church.
DailyMail reports that the report, written by former civil servant Sir Joseph Pilling and a team of senior churchmen and women, was published seven months after the Church first indicated it is looking at ‘accommodations’ for same-sex couples and four months after the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Reverend Justin Welby, told Church leaders that ‘we must accept there is a revolution in the area of sexuality.’

How Proprietor’s Son Sexually Molested My 4-Year Old Daughter Which Eventually Led To Her Death- Man Narrates

                                                                  Late Elizabeth
This story will break your heart. Indeed things are happening in the world we live in. May God protect our children. Read how a 45-year old man narrated how his daughter died after she was sexually molested and struggled by an undergraduate who was meant to teach her in class.
Narrating his ordeal to Crime Guard, Ovie alleged that his second daughter was defiled and strangled by her teacher who is also the son of the school proprietor, Mr Kola Alade.   According to him, “One afternoon, my daughter returned from school and I overheard her telling her mother that her new uncle put his hand in her private part and touched her bum bum.   Before I could come out of my room, her mother brought her to me and she repeated it.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

How MTN Worker Defrauds over 65 Job Seekers in Lagos

An employee of MTN, Afisi Ayomide, has been arrested and arraigned before the Lagos Magistrates’ Court sitting at Cele, Ijeshatedo for allegedly defrauding more than 65 job seekers in Lagos.
The accused has allegedly collected N78,000 from each of the job seekers as fees for registration form, identity card and employment form.
Ayomide, a computer operator with the telecommunications giant, was still under probation and posted to the Sururere branch of the company, when he committed the offence.
The police found out that the suspect masterminded the plan how to dupe the innocent job seekers by employing an agent, who collected millions of naira from the desperate job seekers.
The total amount has not been determined by the police, but it is clear that people were defrauded for N5 millions minimum.

INCREDIBLE PHOTOS: 1,6km-Long Floating City With Schools, Hospital, Parks, Airport for its 50,000 Re

Seasick sufferers look away now. A Florida-based firm has designed a floating city called Freedom Ship that would spend its entire time at sea.
The vessel is a mile long, 25-storeys-high and has enough room for 50,000 permanent residents.
It features schools, hospitals, art galleries, shops, parks, an aquarium, casino and even an art gallery as well as an airport on the roof and a docking bay at the rear.
INCREDIBLE PHOTOS: 1,6km-Long Floating City With Schools, Hospital, Parks, Airport for 50,000 Residents
Designed by the Florida-based Freedom Ship International (FSI), the floating city is set to cost $10 billion and weigh 2.7 million tonnes - making it too large to ever dock. The ship would spend the whole time at sea, circling the globe once every two years, powered by solar and wave energy

SHOCKING PHOTO: The Flying ‘Wizard’ Who Crash-Landed At Kasoa

A man believed to be in his 70s, who claimed a wizard, was on Wednesday found on the banks of the Okrudu River at Kaimebre, a settlement near the Kasoa New Market in the Central Region Ghana.
The man, who gave his name as Charles Atta, looked frail, pale and bore protruding breasts like that of a teenage girl.
His body was smeared with mud from the bank of the river where he was found by two brothers, Liberty Obeng and Innocent Obeng, who claimed they found the strange man crying for help.
The two brothers told Daily Guide reporters that the self-acclaimed wizard confessed to them that he was in the company of colleagues, including a medical doctor and were flying to Cape Coast for a meeting when he was forced down.
According to him, they were flying over a church where an all-night vigil was being held when he crash- landed at Servant Kings International School.

Mysterious goat delivers human-like kid in Ekiti (PHOTO),

Ekiti (PHOTO)

goat gives birth human baby nigeriaA mystery was recorded  in the  rural community of Olori Oko near Ogotun Ekiti in Ekiti South-West Local Government of Ekiti State as a goat allegedly gave birth to a strange creature.
Olori- Oko, a farm stead dominated by people of Ede and Modakeke in Osun State  is about six kilometres  to Ogotun Ekiti and three kilometres away from Ikeji Arakeji  in Osun State, with  about 500 residents, witnessed a huge, bewildered crowd that stormed the serene community from the neighboring towns and villages to catch a glimpse at the strange birth.
According to an eye witness, who is also a  member of the community, Mr. Ganiyu Adetokun,  the strange goat  delivered the kid at about 6a.m., yesterday, after a long and protracted labour which lasting for about 10 hours.
According to him, a Pastor, Daniel Odedele, resident in the community had to intervene by forcing the baby out of the goat’s genital when it was apparent that it could not deliver it unaided.
His words: “Strangely, the kid  had human hairs on its head  and female genital similar to that of human being. Then people started raising alarm.”

Photos: Moet Abebe’s Transformation Into A Beautiful Woman Moet Abebe grew very popular when she started working with Sound City as a VJ. The first pic by the left is when she was 13, while the last one is how she looks now.

Moet Abebe grew very popular when she started working with Sound City as a VJ. The first pic by the left is when she was 13, while the last one is how she looks now.

What is the Fall Yakata Christmas Sale All About?

What is Yakata: It's a pidgin english adverb for finish; totally; utterly; completely. An example is: All the prices don fall yakata on

Fall Yakata Christmas Sale is the deal of all deals! How many of you have heard of Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Well, If you haven’t, these days are synonymous with massive prices slashes, and our own will be bringing the first Black Friday & Cyber Monday Super Sales to Nigeria.

Big Girl Takes Off Her Clothés Because of Gun Man Pose

It is true that Olamide's #BaddestGuyEverLiveth Gun Man pose has gone viral. But as usual, some Naija babes have started taking their own "gun woman" pose to a ridiculous level. See the lady's complete photo below...

Photos From APC Protest Against Electoral Fraud In Abuja

Leaders of the All Progressives Congress, APC, took to the streets of Abuja to protest the electoral fraud in the November 16 governorship election in Anambra State, thus showing the way to Nigerians that they can indeed impress it upon those in government to do the right thing. Almost all APC strongmen were present.

Check out more photos from the Abuja protest below...

Demi Moore & Ashton Kutcher Are Finally, Legally Divorced!

Nearly two years after they announced the end of their six-year marriage, Demi Moore and ex-husband Ashton Kutcher are finally, legally divorced.

According to TMZ, the couple's split was finalized on Nov. 26.

And the reason it took them this long was because they were squabbling over money.
Demi had initially wanted spousal support even though she was worth way more millions than Ashton.
She later backed off that claim... but Ashton had to give her somewhat more than he had to before they reached a financial settlement.

FG gives ASUU one week ultimatum to call off strike

The Federal Government on Thursday gave the Academic Staff Union of Universities,  one week ultimatum to call off the ongoing strike.
The acting Minister of Education, Nyesom Wike, stated this while briefing journalists in Abuja.
Details later.

"I Want A Husband By Christmas" - Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo

All pray, KOK wants a husband by Christmas, a real man she can give herself to. But wait o, KOK might be serious about not having sex since 2006. Even though many people don't believe her, she's been singing her celibacy status each opportunity she gets. According to what she wrote, she'll vanish after getting married (from social media I suppose), that's the best part. Abeg, who is willing to be the man?

Chika Ike Has Got A Pretty Office Inside Her Lekki Mansion (Photos)

Chika Ike who recently acquired a house in Lekki has a pretty office inside adorned with her award plaques, and photos from magazine covers. The actress shared the pic above on her instagram page this morning with her fans. Nice one Chika, I like the fact that she is branding herself pretty well therse days. See another pic at the jump...

Guess Me From Behind!!

Our Nigerian singer here was high when this picture was taken.
Who do you think this is? No clues. *winks*
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