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See How To Break Up with A Troublesome Naija Babe [VIDEO]

In recent times, babes have been exhibiting some very wild tendencies each time they obverse that their guy is dumping them for a fresh chick. One lady even went as far as setting her (ex)boyfriend's Range Rover sports car on fire for daring to leave her for another babe. #WomanWahala

UNBELIEVABLE: 7 Members of Ogbonnaya's Family Run Mad

For the family of Mr Ogbonnaya Ani in Umuose Urobo in the Uburu area of Ohaozara LGA of Ebonyi State, life can’t be more cruel to 7 members of the household now afflicted with madness one after the other. The Ani family is being ravaged by the spirit of madness. 

The sad story of the family of Mr Ogbonnaya goes thus: 
Ogbonnaya Ani’s elder brother’s daughter is mentally challenged. His younger brother’s son is in the same condition. Three of his own children, a male and two females, are equally afflicted. His daughter-in-law is not left out. So, there are six mentally ill persons in the family and, perhaps, still counting. Worst still, one of Ani’s mentally challenged daughters is heavily pregnant and no one seems to know who impregnated her...

And before his first wife died, she exhibited some signs of madness.

Nigeria At 53: Is It Uhuru Or Goodluck?

Nigeria will be 53 year since independence from colonial rule on the 1st Oct 2013. Can we say its Uhuru yet? No it isn’t, really it is Goodluck! Uhuru is a Swahili word for freedom and Independence. How many Nigerians can beat their chest to say, we are truly free after 53 years and how many Nigerian can say we have Goodluck?
Freedom from poverty and wants, freedom from bad leadership and abuse of national resources, freedom from diseases and social vices, freedom from electoral malpractices and violence.

I Don't Know Why I Always Love Wrong Men ––Actress Funmi

 Who is Funmi Fiberesima?
I am a producer and actress but I like to refer to myself as entertainment entrepreneur because I handle the business of entertainment.

How much did you spend producing your first movie?
I spent close to N12m and that was because I ran into a lot of people that were thieves but my production was protected because of my background. I have learnt that if I have to give somebody any money, the person has to sign a written agreement.

The money must have come from your boyfriend?

Update On The Boat Tragedy In River Niger

Nigeria should be mourning if we are a country where human lives matter, especially the lives of "the people". One hundred and fifty persons were feared dead on Friday following a boat mishap in River Niger, close to Malilli village in the Borgu area of Niger State.

While 42 bodies were recovered and confirmed dead, over 100 others are reportedly missing. So far, there was no survivor. Emergency personnel are trying to recover more bodies. The Public Relation Officer of the Niger State Emergency Management Agency, Mr. Ibrahim Hussaini, said:

Why is Jonathan Afraid to Look Into Obama's Eyes As A Man?

When Olokunbolablessing.blogspot.Com saw the videos of our President Goodluck Jonathan's meeting with President Barrack Obama in the US on television, I was embarrassed as it was obvious Jonathan was struggling, again.

I thought I was the only one who noticed until I saw this piece by Mr. Tunde Fagbenle on the same issue. It is sure an interesting read:  "Eyeball To Eyeball Please, Mr. President"

The photograph splashed on the front page of virtually all Nigerian newspapers of Tuesday, September 24, was of our President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, finally in a one-on-one with America’s President, Barak Obama. I say ‘finally’ because it is probably the first such opportunity for a private tête-à-tête between the two — something, from all indications, the Nigerian presidency had long longed for.

Beverly Osu Shows Off Her First Ever Birthday Gift

The saying that fame brings you more friends is true and if well managed can lead to fortune. This is the latest of Beverly Osu's experience, who got a birthday gift for the very first time in her life after her controversial but very rewarding (to her career) appearance on Big Brother Africa.

Actress Exposes The Depth of Séxual Immorality In Nollywood

Actress Ejiro Okurame is one of the few ladies who have been around in Nollywood for sometime now but has not been able to break into the so called A-list category. But why? Could it be that she is not getting the kind of juicy scripts others get because of refusal to "play"?

Below is her revelations on the mess of sexual immorality in Nollywood:

What is your view about Lesbianism in the industry?
I think it is demonic. I won’t say much about it because a lot of people are involved. The industry needs divine intervention so God can erase such people from the industry. It has eaten deep and it is affecting us.
Were you sexually harassed as an upcoming actress?

Reactions: Beg Jonathan So I Won't Be Killed, They Want To Take Me Out ––Amaechi Reveals

For daring to go against President Goodluck Jonathan on principle, Olokunbolablessing.blogspot.Com observed that governor Rotimi Amaechi has come under all forms of attack and maligning from people working in the Presidency and, most unfortunately, the police that should be neutral at all times.

Consequently, Governor Amaechi has revealed that their is a plot to "take him out" since he is now seen as an enemy of President Jonathan and not a political leader with his own right and privileges. He has also sent out a strong message to Jonathan to ensure nothing happens to him.

Speaking in an interview with Sahara TV, Amaechi also narrated his ordeal in hands of the Nigeria police and other agencies under the control of the Presidency.

ALERT!! New Fraud Trending in Nigeria - Plz read and pass it on.

Given below is what happened to someone & he has narrated this in his own words:
" I received a call from someone claiming that he was from my mobile Service provider and he asked me to shut down my phone for 2 hours for 3G update to take place. As I was rushing for a meeting, I did not question, but just shut down my cell phone. 
After 45 minutes I felt very suspicious since the caller did not even introduce his name.
I quickly turned on my cell phone and saw several missed calls from my family members and the others were from the number that had called me earlier –
I called my parents and I was shocked that they sounded very worried asking me whether I am safe. 

Relationship issues: Facebook and Twitter make it harder to move on from heartache.

New reports states that social networks like Facebook makes it hard for one to move-on after breakup.
According to DailyMail
Society's obsession with social networking is making it harder than ever for the bereaved and broken-hearted to move on.
From Facebook to Twitter, the data and images documenting people's lives has been blamed for prolonging the pain of losing a loved one, either through death or the break-up of a relationship.
Discussing how cyber culture affects the grieving process, one of Britain's leading scientists, Sir Nigel Shadbolt, said: 'When bad, sad or indifferent things happened to us, over time you forgot. That is why time could be a great healer.

33-Year Old Nigerian Man Charged To Court In US For Supporting Al Qaeda

A Nigerian, Lawal Babafemi, 33, was on Friday arraigned  in a U.S. Federal Court, on charges of providing material support to al Qaeda and criminal use of firearms.

Babafemi, who is also known as “Ayatollah Mustapha’’, was arraigned on a four-count charge of indictment, conspiracy, providing material support to AQAP, and use of firearms.

He allegedly provided the support to the group in the Arabian Peninsula, the terrorist organisation’s Yemen-based affiliate.

Between January 2010 and August 2011, Babafemi travelled twice from Nigeria to Yemen to train with leaders of al Qaeda, known as AQAP.

According to the media, a statement by U.S. prosecutors said that he helped AQAP’s media operations, including the publication of its magazine, called “Inspire’’.

It said that the group’s leadership, including Anwar al-Awlaki, paid Babafemi almost $9,000 to recruit English-speaking people from Nigeria.

A U.S. citizen born in New Mexico, was killed in a U.S. drone strike in Yemen in 2011.

Briggs Family Wins Maltina Dance All Season Seven

After months of suspense, thrills, excitement and emotions, the Maltina Dance All (MDA) Season 7 ‘The Evolution’ came to a spectacular end at the grand finale which took place at the Convention centre of Eko Hotels and Suites, Lagos. The tension soaked finale was breathtaking as the five families that qualified for the finals were locked in a battle of wits for the grand prize of N6 million, a brand new car and the title of ‘Nigeria’s number one dancing family’. In the end, the Briggs family from Port Harcourt, Rivers State emerged winners in what would go down as one of the most hotly contested finals in the MDA history. Continue...

Photos: Angelo Collins and Beverly Osu kiss at her birthday party

BBA Housemates Beverly Osu and Angelo Collins photographed kissing passionately at her birthday party at Aura night club last night...see more photos after the cut...

Miss Philippines Megan Young crowned Miss World 2013 in Bali

Miss World Megan Young of the Philippines (28 Sept 2013) Megan Young won ahead of Miss France and Miss Ghana
The 2013 Miss World pageant has been won by Miss Philippines, Megan Young, on the Indonesian island of Bali.
US-born Ms Young, 23, beat 126 other contestants and pledged to be "the best Miss World ever".
The competition was moved to Bali from the capital, Jakarta, because of protests from hardline Muslim groups.
Security for Saturday's event was high in Bali, a resort island with a majority Hindu population, but no further demonstrations were reported.
Miss France, Marine Lorphelin, came second in the contest and Miss Ghana, Carranzar Naa Okailey Shooter, took third place.

Bridget Jones' fans horror at death

Renee Zellweger as Bridget Jones in The Edge of Reason  Bridget Jones fans have taken to social networking to voice their horror at the news that author Helen Fielding has killed off Mark Darcy.
In extracts from her new book, Mad About The Boy, published in the Sunday Times magazine, Bridget reveals that Darcy - her husband and father to her two children, died five years earlier.
Darcy was played by Colin Firth in the Bridget Jones movies.
Chloe Helen Lemmon wrote on Twitter: "One word for Helen Fielding: why?!"
Becky Milborrow asked: "What the hell is helen fielding playing at in the next bridget jones book!?

LMAO: Comedian Bovi writes his name on Hollywood Walk of Fame

Now, that's the spirit! Lol

Boko Haram attacks College of Agriculture in Yobe, over 30 students killed

Boko Haram gunmen this morning Sunday September 29th stormed the student dormitory of the College of Agriculture in Gujba, Yobe State, shooting students as they slept, killing at least 30 of them. The death toll could be way higher as several dead bodies were recovered from hostels, classrooms, bushes and corners around the school.

Area Military spokesman Lazarus Eli confirmed the incident and said that security forces have been deployed to the school to protect surviving students until they can all leave the campus. Eli said the attack was carried out by “Boko Haram terrorists who went into the school and opened fire on students while they were sleeping"

Tweet of the day

Five expired foods you can still eat

Clockwise from left: Yogurt, tortilla chips, milk, eggs and chocolate,
A supermarket in Boston is going to sell only food that's past its sell-by date. So what are they, asks Rajini Vaidyanathan.
In the US alone, 40% of food is thrown out, partly because of confusing date labels, telling consumers to "use by", "sell by" and "enjoy by" a certain time.
Some of the dates are not about safety but taste, says Dana Gunders, a food scientist from the Natural Resources Defence Council (NRDC), which has issued a report saying much of the food labelled bad is actually perfectly edible.

Putting a price on love

Gold heart on white background
Rope heart on beach
Our loved ones are worth more to us than gold - but do we understand love's true value, asks AL Kennedy.
We're told it's a good thing, a many splendoured thing, all around and what the world needs now. Love. Just four letters to name something commonplace and yet unfathomable.
It fascinates us, apparently. Our media earn their keep by telling us Miranda supports Orlando and Prince Felix has just married Princess Claire and Downton Abbey has a new romance (and me and popular culture, we're like chalk and fire engines) but even I've noticed, love sells.
Just as light beguiles physicists by behaving like both a wave and a particle, love beguiles us by being a verb and a noun, behaving like a gift and an amputation, an impregnable defence and the destruction of every safe place we've ever known.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Photos: Angry Arik Air passengers block Abuja airport runway

Angry passengers yesterday evening Thursday September 26th blocked the runway of the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja, preventing planes from taking-off or landing.

The passengers, who disembarked from an Arik Air flight, blocked the Abuja runway because the flight they took from Abuja to Calabar was not allowed to land in Calabar around 5.30pm for safety reasons - the runway lightening was poor, forcing the pilot to return the passengers to Abuja.

The passengers now felt the best way to express their anger was to prevent other planes from taking off or landing at the Abuja airport. Continue...

Revealed: How hero British father died in Kenyan mall massacre after offering himself as a hostage to save lives of group of children

Hero: Mitul Shah, 38, pictured with his daughter Sarai, aged two, was killed by terrorist at the Nairobi shopping mall

A British man who offered himself as a hostage to save the lives of a group of children was today described by colleagues as a 'born leader'.
Mitul Shah, 38, a sales executive from London attempted to strike a deal with the terrorists, replacing children with himself, a heroic act which gave several victims vital time to escape.
The selfless father did not get through to the gunmen and was shot alongside a number of children in the Kenyan tragedy, leaving behind his wife and two-year-old daughter.
Today his employers, the cooking oil company Bidco Oil, and his work colleagues spoke of their grief at his loss.

Photo: Man Fries Chicken With Bare Hands And Does Not Get Burnt

Kann “Superhands” Trichan got the cool nickname for his incredible ability of scooping pieces of chicken from burning-hot oil with his bare hands.

The 50-year-old Chiang Mai-based street cook can sink his fingers into 480 degrees hot grease without getting so much as a blister on his hands, and his amazing ability has won him international fame. People from all over the world come to his “Fried Chicken Iron Hands Man” food stall to see Kann use his hands to scoop out the chicken and he and his wife travel the globe showing off his gift. Superhands has no idea why he can do what he does, but he’s just happy it brings more and more customers for his business, every day.

Boobs Alert: Why Is This Girl Tempting Somebody?

Just imagine what ASUU strike is causing. The dude is looking for news update everywhere... Lolz!

Prince Tonye Princewill: I Won't Fight For Jonathan or Amaechi

Prince Tonye Princewill is a member of the PDP and a key player in the politics of Rivers State. After a long period of silence, Princewill, who quite easily has one of the most respected voices in not only Rivers state but the Niger Delta, spoke on his relationship with President Jonathan and Governor Amaechi, his view on their political battle, the 2015 governorship race in Rivers State, etc. Excerpts:

You’ve been silent for a while. Why?
Sometimes in life we need to listen more than we talk. As you rightly observed, I have been doing a lot more listening lately. My political career is just beginning and so I have a lot to learn. I have seen a lot of mistakes that I Tonye Princewill cannot afford to make. And it is only by watching the people dancing in the town square that I have been able to see their backs. I have resisted the temptation to join them because neither side are short of sycophants. There are no vacancies in that department. And since I am not a sycophant, I want to continue look either of them in the eye and tell them the truth.

Another Police Officer Caught On Tape Extorting Bribe [VIDEO]

What is really the matter with our policemen that some of them just can't stop this nonsense? Technology is the main thing now and people are using it to catch them, and they are getting dismissed from the Force after so many years of hard work. Is it that Naija policemen cannot do without bribe?

Thursday, September 26, 2013

8,000 women protest over scarcity of husbands in Zamfara State

Are you kidding me?
According to PunchNG,
No fewer than 8,000 women on Thursday matched to the Zamfara Hisbah Commission, seeking the state government’s assistance to enable them to get married. 
Led by the Chairperson of the Zamfara Widows Association, Hajiya Suwaiba Isa, and the patron, Alhaji Sa’idu Goshe, the women said they were not living a normal life and needed husbands to become whole.
"Many of us cannot afford two meals in a day because there are no men to support us,"they said.

Hilarious church banner - ASUU Wetin I Do You?

Naija peeps will kill me with laughter....anywhere you look is naija is pure comedy. This is a church program "You Night Of Graduation From University" Tagged "ASUU Wetin I Do You?" lwkmd! 
All you ASUU children, you can attend the program and give me feedback. lol

Delta State most wanted kidnapper Ibruvwe arrested in Port Harcourt.

According to TheNation
Niger Delta most wanted criminal and kidnap kingpin, Kelvin Ibruvwe, was on Wednesday morning captured by operatives of the State Security Services (SSS) in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. The notorious kidnap suspect was nabbed seven days after he issued a 60-day ultimatum to the Federal Government to develop Urhobo areas of Delta State in order to avert unprecedented attack on oil facility.

Kenya seeks UK woman Samantha Lewthwaite's arrest

Frank Gardner explains that Samantha Lewthwaite's Kenyan charges relate not to this month's Westgate attack but to her "alleged possession of explosives in December 2011 and an alleged plot at that time to bomb a number of tourist resorts"
International police body Interpol has issued a wanted persons notice for Briton Samantha Lewthwaite, at Kenya's request.
Ms Lewthwaite, 29, is the widow of one of the four suicide bombers who attacked London on 7 July 2005.
Known colloquially as the "white widow", she has been linked with Somali militant Islamist group al-Shabab.
Interpol did not link the warrant to the Nairobi shopping complex attack that left at least 67 dead.
However, it comes after much speculation linking Ms Lewthwaite to events there.
Al-Shabab was behind the attack and subsequent four-day siege at the Westgate shopping complex in the Kenyan capital.

26-Year Old To Die By Hanging For Robbery & Rape

For robbing a couple at gunpoint and raping their teenage daughter, a Delta High Court sitting in Warri, yesterday, sentenced a 26-year-old furniture maker, Chijioke Ede, to death by hanging.

The condemned armed robber and rapist was arraigned on a three-count charge of conspiracy to commit armed robbery, armed robbery and rape before the court.

He was found guilty on all the charges and sentenced to death on count one and two, while he got life imprisonment on the charge of rape.

Let God Be The Judge Between Me And Kollington Ayinla- Queen Salawa Abeni

After 23years of living separately from the father of three of her children, Queen Salawa Abeni has said, God should be the judge of whatever bad Kollington Ayinla has done to her. She made the statement recently at the Annual London African Music Festival.

In her words “Even though Kollington and I have gone our separate ways 23 years ago, I still consider him a big part of my life because I bore him children who bear his name. His name will forever be written in the history of my life. Though we do not have a smooth relationship, and I have been solely responsible for the upbringing of my children up to university level, I still maintain the fact that he is part of me. Let God be the judge of whatever bad Kollington has done me.”

What Kind Of Crazy Kiss Is Going On Here?

I just hope these guys wont injure themselves all in the guise of a passionate kiss! #KissOfLife

2 small caskets in Georgia and a mother charged with murder in California

Mark Edge says he still imagines his two children with him, weeks after police say their mother killed them. When two small caskets gradually descend into the ground Thursday in Atlanta, it may begin to sink into their father's head that his children are gone. It hasn't so far.
As Mark Edge has cried over them, he has felt their presence at his side.
Police recovered their bodies in a Santa Ana, California, hotel room nearly two weeks ago. Their mother poisoned them, authorities allege.
Jaelen was 13, Faith was 10.
A custody battle that raged around them for years had just been settled. Edge was supposed to be packing up their books and pencils back in Cobb County, Georgia, making their breakfast, and getting them off to school about now.

PHOTOS: Nicki Minaj Exposes Her Boobs On The Street

Bad girl singer, Nicki Minaj sure knows how to grab the attention of the media and it is working for her so far as she continue to promote her new scent, Minajesty. While going to the studio to appear on the popular Ellen DeGeneres Show, Nicki decided to hit the streets with this daring top showing her oranges.

'Sugar gel' helps premature babies

premature baby
A dose of sugar given as a gel rubbed into the inside of the cheek is a cheap and effective way to protect premature babies against brain damage, say experts.
Dangerously low blood sugar affects about one in 10 babies born too early. Untreated, it can cause permanent harm.
Researchers from New Zealand tested the gel therapy in 242 babies under their care and, based on the results, say it should now be a first-line treatment.
Their work is published in The Lancet.
Sugar dose Dextrose gel treatment costs just over £1 per baby and is simpler to administer than glucose via a drip, say Prof Jane Harding and her team at the University of Auckland.

Paul Oliver: commits suicides

Paul Oliver recorded 144 tackles in 57 games from 2007 to 2011 as a defensive back with the San Diego Chargers.-- Paul Oliver, a former defensive back for the University of Georgia and the San Diego Chargers, was found dead this week, apparently from a self-inflicted gunshot.
His death marks the latest in a string of suicides among former professional football players.
"Everyone in the Chargers family is sad today after hearing the news about Paul," a statement from the NFL team said. "He was part of our family for five years. At just 29 years old, he still had a lifetime in front of him. Right now all of our thoughts and prayers are with his family during this most difficult time."

Police Stop Amaechi From Giving Teachers Employment Letter For Fear Of Jonathan

The police in Rivers State are really taking their fight against Governor Rotimi Amaechi because of his minor or major disagreement with President Goodluck Jonathan too far, Olokunbolablessing.blogspot.Com observed.

Continuing their acts of impunity, Armed Policemen on Wednesday chased away newly-employed teachers who gathered at a Stadium in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, to receive their deployment letters from the state government, because the police thought the teachers will protest against President Jonathan.

Baileys to give consumers an unforgettable experience at the Sisters with Soul Concert

Baileys your number one premium Irish cream is giving consumers a chance of a lifetime to meet with Mary .J. Blige. Baileys is offering its consumers an opportunity to watch MJB rehearse, being interviewed and also ask her their own questions. All you need to do is stay close to your local radio (Cool FM, Beat FM & Classic FM) to get more information. Winners will also automatically win tickets to the concert.

Comedian Bovi and wife welcome baby girl

Popular comedian Bovi Ugboma and wife Christabel welcomed a daughter last night September 25th  at 8:47pm. This is the couple's second child. Big congrats to them. Another pic after the cut...
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